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it doesn't matter what you are against

It doesn’t matter what you are against, what matters is what you are for

By Theodore Shoebat After so many years of seeing people who supposedly against something evil, stand for something evil, I would like to say one thing that I’ve concluded: it doesn’t matter what you are against, what matters is what you are for:   We Are About To Enter A New World War, A Blood […]

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Muslim Man Becomes A Christian, His Relatives Attack Him And Pour Hot Cooking Oil On Him

A Muslim man who became a Christian was attacked less than a week after his conversion by his family, who poured hot cooking oil on him: A week after a young Muslim in eastern Uganda put his faith in Christ, relatives attacked him with hot cooking oil, sources said. Gobera Bashir, 27, is still in […]

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US General Shills For More War After Claims That ‘ Russia Is Arming The Afghan Taliban’

After the American-backed support of the revolutions in the Middle East, Ukraine, and support of Islamist movement in Central Asia and parts of Siberia, US General John Nicholson now claims that Russia is supplying weapons to the Taliban in Afghanistan to fight the Americans: Russia is supporting and even supplying arms to the Taliban, the […]

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Turkish air force bombs one of the oldest churches in the whole history of Christianity

By Walid Shoebat and Theodore Shoebat A site of Christian antiquity was destroyed in northeastern Syria by Turkish air raids, adjacent to the city of Afrin, which was just conquered by Turkey days ago. The site is called Brad, and according to the Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums: “Turkish regime planes bombed the archaeological site […]

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Obama “Lite” Is Not alright

Obamacide “Lite” Isn’t Alright ! By: D.M. Stewart Obamacide has not been fully repealed as promised. Instead, the republicans are flirting with what has been termed “Obamacide Lite” to include some form of bailing out insurance companies [likely at taxpayer expense] who have suffered economic losses due to Obamacide. While I am not familiar with […]

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How the Ottoman Empire made the Great War into a World War

By Theodore Shoebat When discussing the First World War, what most do not point out is that when the Ottoman Empire entered conflict, joining Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it made the conflict from just being limited to Europe, into spilling over into the Middle East, making the Great War into a world war: Christianity […]

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