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Love-Spurned Homosexual Teenager Viciously Stabbed His “Ex-Boyfriend” To Death After He Decided To Break Up With Him And Start Dating A Girl

Generation Z is said to be the most pro-LGBT ever in American history. This also means that the problems which accompany the LGBT wherever they go, owing to the fact that homosexuality is a serious sin which attracts to it a multitude of other horrible sins, must naturally follow along. Now those same sins are […]

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Disney Releases ‘Gay Mickey Mouse Ears’ To Celebrate Homosexuality At Its Parks And Stores

For many years, Disney has been very supportive of the LGBT and by defending that which cannot be defended the evils of the LGBT, which we have written about extensively including such horrible crimes as cannibalism, coprophilia, and the abuse of children. This history should be enough to compel Christians of good will not to […]

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Christian Woman Refuses To Convert To Islam And Marry Muslim Man, He Pours Gas On Her And Burns Her To Death

A Christian woman has died after a Muslim man poured gas on her and set her on fire for refusing to convert to Islam and marry him according to a report: A Christian woman in Pakistan died on Sunday night (April 22) after a Muslim in the Sialkot area set her on fire for refusing […]

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ISIS Releases Poster Of President Trump In Orange Jumpsuit About To Be Beheaded, Warns ‘America You Are Next’

ISIS has just released a video showing President Trump in an orange jumpsuit about to be beheaded with the warning ‘America, you are next’: A CHILLING new ISIS propaganda poster shows US President Donald Trump in chains, dressed in the same orange jumpsuit as so many of their execution victims. Other twisted videos, uploaded onto […]

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Islamic Terrorists Open Fire On Catholic Mass, Murder 15 People And At Least Two Priests

Islamic terrorists have open fired on a Catholic mass, murdering at least 15 people including at least two priests and injuring more according to a report: Church and government officials in Nigeria have confirmed two priests were among the at least 15 people killed on Tuesday when gunmen attacked a Catholic church in Ayar-Mbalom, a […]

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