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Turkish Court Case Will Determine If The Hagia Sophia Stays A Museum Or Re-Opens As A Mosque

For centuries, the Hagia Sophia was arguably the greatest church of eastern Christianity up until 1453, when the Ottomans invaded Constantinople and renamed the city Istanbul, and turned the great church into a mosque. After the secularization of Turkey, the mosque was closed and in 1935 reopened as a museum. Now less than a century […]

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Thousands Across Nigeria Flee As Islamic Terrorists Attack Town, Murder Eight People

Countless people have been murdered and more displaced by Islamic terrorist attacks across Nigeria. In another series of attacks, at least eight have been murdered and thousands more fled as terrorists attacked a village according to a report: Islamic terror group Boko Haram has risen again, killing several people and forcing thousands to flee the […]

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New York State Passes Pro-LGBT Law To Allow Third Gender On Birth Certificates

The State of New York has recently passed a law that establishes for a third gender, marked as “X”, to be put on birth certificates according to a report: New York City is the most recent city to allow a third gender option on birth certificates for persons who do not identify as male or […]

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Famous Genital Mutilating Conservative Sodomite Admits That Most Of The Movement Is a Huge Fake And Most Of The People In It Outright Don’t Believe In What They Are Saying

“Blaire White” is a Youtuber who popped up veritably out of nowhere in 2015 and exploded to fame almost immediately. This man, a veritable “tranny for Trump” as he is a man who pretends to be a woman, has received tens of millions of views on his videos and has become a beloved star of […]

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Germany And Turkey Agree To Create Major Railroad Network. Make No Mistake About It, This Is About Reviving The Turco-Germany Military Alliance

By Theodore Shoebat Turkey and German have struck a deal to build a major railway network within Turkey. As we read in a recent report from Der Spiegel: When Sultan Abdulhamid II ascended the throne of the Ottoman Empire in 1876, the Europeans had high hopes for the young ruler. He posed as a liberal, […]

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