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ISIS Fatwa Tells Muslims To Eat Infidels, Harvest Their Organs With Impunity To Save Muslim Lives

Palestinian Muslims feasting on human flesh (source) A recently uncovered ISIS Fatwa enjoins fellow Muslims to eat infidels and harvest their organs as a means to save the lives of sick or starving Muslims. This was no hastily though out document. The Fatwa was thoroughly reference through Islamic Sacred Scripture and Tradition as well as […]

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Don’t Worry, It’s Hotter Where You Are Probably Going- Muslim Invaders In Calais “Refugee” Camp Complain About French Winter, Have No Idea What To Do

A picture of the Calais camps Compassion for fellow men, yes. But as I wrote in a piece two days ago, many Muslims in the infamous Calais Jungle and other camps are coming to Europe for one reason- to conquer it. They have no respect for the laws and lives of the very foolish people who […]

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Santa Visits Mosque, Found They Were Naughty This Year, Leaves More Than Coal

Many times when a fire at a Mosque starts, the Muslims are quick to blame non-Muslims and “Islamophobia” for it. The speed which the members of the mosque are saying it was just and “accident” leads me to believe that it really was an accident- from one of the Muslims. Again, nobody knows the exact […]

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Patriotic Austrian Activists Perform Mock Beheadings, Warn This Is Austria’s Future If Islam Takes Over

Thank goodness for these people. Any European who thinks favorably about the current Muslim “migration crisis” and supports the “refugees” is literally  preparing for their own execution once Islam takes over. That was the point this video, made by the Identitarian Movement in Vienna, was trying to get across. Via Liveleak: “No one knows how […]

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White-Hating Racist Muslim Writer Says Islam Is Not A Race But So-Called “Islamophobia” Is Racism

There’s almost never a point arguing with either a devout liberal or Muslim because no matter what you say, no matter how sound your logic is, no matter how much your argument actually makes sense, it will go unheard because it disagrees with whatever the already-fabricated answer is. You could say the moon is made […]

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Promoters smoke electronic cigarettes during the VapeFair in Kuala Lumpur on December 5, 2015. Vaping is an alternative to smoke by inhaling water vapour through a vapouriser utilised Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerin based liquid, mixed with small amounts of nicotine and food grade flavoring that then get vaporized in a small battery powered atomizer. AFP PHOTO / MOHD RASFANMOHD RASFAN/AFP/Getty Images

Malaysian Fatwa Council Says E-Cigs Are Bad For Your Health, Drinking Animal Urine Is Not

Yesterday I wrote about the scandal in Saudi Arabia where a vendor of camel urine (which Mohammed taught was divine medicine) was selling bottles of his own urine for customers to drink. Now, a day later, the Malaysian Fatwa Council declares that E-Cigarettes are haram, and one who smokes E-Cigarettes could be subject to punishment […]

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Sex-Obsessed Pedophile and Modern Day Caligula Sultan Of Brunei Bans Christmas Because It is “Unhealthy”

Hassanul Bolkiah Former Roman Emperor Caligula exercised absolute power over the Romans. Debauched and debauching, he indulged himself in an endless pursuit of carnal lust and murder for fun until his own murder. If there were three words that described him, it was indulgent, lascivious, and bloodthirsty. That was almost 2,000 years ago. There have been many […]

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Muslims Think They’re Drinking Camel Urine But Really It’s Urine From Some Random Arab Guy

Thirsty? Mohammed prescribed camel urine as medicine, and people thought it was disgusting during his time. Interestingly, it is this same passage that says the people Mohammed told to drink camel urine later apostatized from Islam, after which Muhammad had them horribly massacred. Regardless of the role which urine drinking played in it or not, Muslims still drink camel […]

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Head Of OIC Says Free Speech Means Never Criticizing Islam OR ELSE

Iyad Madani Just a friendly reminder from the OIC Head that everything can be criticized EXCEPT Islam, or else. Via Arab News: JEDDAH: Iyad Madani, secretary-general of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), has said that freedom of the press and expression is an important issue as it expresses the heartbeat of citizens and their […]

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BOMBSHELL: US Government Planned And Funded A Failed Muslim Conquest Of Russia As Far Back As The 1950s

Last week I wrote about how open-source documents expose that the CIA worked directly with Saudi princes to create ISIS. In another bombshell revelation, former Top Secret Intelligence Bulletins uncovered by journalist Wayne Madsen reveal that the CIA has been backing Muslim terrorists since the 1950s and even attempted to use them in a failed […]

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Fat, Ugly, Loser Michael Moore Gets Puerto Rican Beauty Suspended From Miss America Organization for Telling Truth About Islam

Destiny Velez, suspended for telling the truth Miss Puerto Rico 2015 Destiny Velez was suspended indefinitely from the Miss American Organization for telling the truth about Islam. She gave an apology and she closed access to her Twitter account. The following are the tweets she posted in order on December 17th, courtesy of Twitchy: (Note: […]

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Sweden Bans Use of Word “Immigrant” On TV When Talking About Muslim Immigration, Says Must Use “Economically Deprived Area” Instead

It looks like something out of a comedy sketch, or maybe a headline from The Onion, but It’s no joke. Sweden’s top broadcaster says that “Immigrant” and “African origin” cannot be used in a negative context, but “white” and “fair skinned” may be used in a negative context. Sweden’s new “refugees” Via Swedish SVT’s New Language Manual (translation […]

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Germans Lock And Load, Prepare To Blow Muslims Back To Allah

With neighbors like these, who wouldn’t go without a gun? The German government still thinks it is in control, but the German people are finally getting the message- you are targeted for extinction, and the future is fight or die. Gun sales are reaching record levels as the common people are taking their safety and […]

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Germany Pulls A Fuhrer, Threatens Slavic Nations To Take Muslim “Refugees” It Doesn’t Want

Deja-vu once again. Although Germany played a central role in facilitating and encouraging the largest invasion of Muslims in European history, has herself admitted that it cannot take any more refugees, and has admitted that there are a lot of “challenges” (read: unsolvable problems) ahead, apparently that gives her the right to dictate foreign policy […]

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American Muslims Threaten Terrorism Over Donald Trump Live On CBS

Watch this video carefully and note the responses of the Muslims in this “focus group” that CBS assembled to talk about the Republican debates. Notice the Muslim around 2:00 who makes the comments highlighted below. Look into his eyes and watch his reaction: Luntz: “What percent of the Muslim community could potentially be a physical threat […]

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