Vatican Bureaucrat Says That It Is OK To Take Drugs That Make A Man Into A Woman And Vice Versa

There have been many serious scandals coming out of the Vatican as of recent. However, what makes these scandals troubling is that they are gravely serious as they are unprecedented in Vatican history. Even during the most sordid and difficult times were many of the scandals in terms of gravity and severity never seen as they are right now.

The biggest issue with the Vatican is the sodomite issue, one which she faced before and is facing again but with now having been infiltrated by sodomites and their supporters to her highest offices. In one such example, a high-ranking Vatican Bureaucrat has declared that puberty blocking drugs can be licit and as such has opened a way to allow for legalized genital mutilation according to a report:

A drug to use “only in very circumscribed cases, with caution, with a case by case evaluation”. Thus Laura Palazzani , vice president of the National Committee for Bioethics and corresponding member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, comments on the news on triptorelin(Trp), the antitumor drug that has among its side effects that of suspending puberty and that in Italy it may be prescribed for the sole responsibility of the National Health Service. This was established by the Determine of the Italian Drug Agency (AIFA) on February 25th, published in the Official Journal on March 2nd. Several doctors, lawyers and associations such as Scienza & Vita and the Rosario Livatino Study Center have raised doubts about the unknown risks in the use of this medicine, stressing how the drug can now be administered – even if under medical supervision – to adolescents suffering from dysphoria of gender, which can also occur very early in childhood and adolescence in subjects who do not recognize themselves psychologically in sex at birth, often with psychological and psychiatric pathologies.

Triptorelin may be prescribed by the National Health Service. What news is it?

R. – Triptorelin is a drug used for the treatment of precocious puberty; it is already used in Italy also ‘off label’, that is outside the general indications, under the responsibility of individual doctors, to block or delay pubertal development in children at the beginning of puberty, around 10-12 years, who have problems with gender dysphoria, that is, they experience severe discomfort about their male or female body and intend to change sex. The novelty of these days is the inclusion of the drug among those paid completely by the National Health Service. In truth, the relevant ethical issue is not reimbursement.

What is the question?

R. – The National Committee for Bioethics (Cnb) dealt with the subject on an ethical level, following a request by Aifa, who had already authorized the drug for some time. The Cnb, a pluralistic organism, although starting from different ethical visions, has agreed some recommendations for Aifa. In the awareness of the seriousness of the issue and the scarcity of scientific literature available, he suggested to allow the use of this drug only in very circumscribed cases, with prudence, with a case by case assessment. When we are in the presence of a profound suffering of children with psychiatric psychopathologies and who come to the risk of self-injurious behavior or attempt suicide, and always under a vigilant monitoring of a multi-specialist team, composed of endocrinologists, psychiatrists of developmental age psychologists as well as ethicists and problem experts. Treatment should be administered only for a short period of time, in order to overcome any serious risks and find the most appropriate forms of accompaniment for the child.

The Trp molecule can be administered, under medical supervision, to adolescents suffering from gender dysphoria, in order to provide them with a temporary block of the development of puberty, with the hypothesis that this “lightens” in some way – it was said – the “Path of defining their gender identity”: what risks could there be for these young people?

R. – The diagnosis about the permanent or transitory character of the gender dysphoria is extremely complex: the data report that when the symptom appears at a very early age, 3-4 years, it generally persists and leads the boy or girl to assume at 16 years hormones and then at the age of majority change sex (change allowed, with medical supervision and psychological evaluation, by Italian legislation). The drug allows, in the cases outlined, to open a time window and help the diagnosis, but above all to prevent the children, who see their body developing in the direction they do not want – because of gender dysphoria – to avoid irreversible acts such as as mentioned, self-harm or suicide or even forms of self-medication with drugs bought online and without medical supervision.

Going on to pharmacologically block puberty, some experts talk among other things of a risk of a misalignment between the physical and cognitive development of the minor, as well as a problem of consent. Are they shared fears?

R. – Misalignment is certainly a risk if the use of the drug is protracted over time; the drug should, as mentioned, be administered with caution, evaluating case by case and balancing the risk of misalignment and the risk of self-harm, suicide or self-medication. The question of consent is certainly very delicate. Being minors, it is necessary to help parents first of all, needing an effective and wise accompaniment to be able to give a consensus that is really for the good of the child in the face of conditions that do not present alternative solutions: it should be remembered that in the case of minors, Italian law (219/2017) must be considered the protection of mental and physical health, the life and dignity of the child as a priority, as underlined by the opinion of the Cnb. Then the boy or girl who, having approximately 10-12 years, must be adequately informed and accompanied in the decision. It is these steps that certainly cannot be managed by the pediatrician alone, often not adequately trained on the specialist subject. Multi-specialist teams and prolonged accompaniments are needed. The economic aid made through the inclusion of the drug among those paid by the National Service is not the most urgent issue. The CNB instead asked AIFA to apply the ethical conditions outlined. The economic aid made through the inclusion of the drug among those paid by the National Service is not the most urgent issue. The CNB instead asked AIFA to apply the ethical conditions outlined. The economic aid made through the inclusion of the drug among those paid by the National Service is not the most urgent issue. The CNB instead asked AIFA to apply the ethical conditions outlined. (source, source)

A few points to keep in mind.

First, the Church THANKFULLY does not depend on heretics such as this. Title, office, and presumptions of power stated however they may be, the fact is that moral truth does not and cannot change.

Second, because they cannot change, then this person is either being malicious evil or is expressing a serious untruth, and Catholics are required by the teaching of the Faith to disregard such people, thus making here disobedience to immoral orders and act of obedience to God.

Third, is that while these people are in the highest ranks, the fact is that God sees all and He will not only judge them in the next life, but as many prophecies have foretold, may act sooner than what many expect to judge their actions.

It is absolutely critical to be aware of what is happening in such dangerous times as today. However, since there is little that one can do, one should instead read the news about these things for what it is worth in the less important way, and spend more time on self-improvement through prayer, penance, and fasting in what is the absolutely more important way.

Complaining does little than tax the heart and strain the mind and mouth. If anything, the horrors of the present time are opportunities of rejected grace that can be acquired by those who have faith and believe.

Indeed, justice will come and it will absolutely fix the problems taking place today. While one should be concerned about issues such as these, it is more important for a man to focus on following the truth, ignoring what are distractions such as these kinds of heretical actions, and care for oneself and those who one is able to reach in one’s sphere of influence.