Major Pro-Nationalist News Outlet Released A Story About Falling Birth Rates At Almost The Exact Same Time The New Zealand Mosque Shooter Published His Manifesto About Falling Birth Rates And Then Went On His Murder Rampage

The circumstances surrounding the New Zealand mosque shooter are very suspicious and seem to indicate a larger matter than even the apparent horrors of what one saw.

Among the many points that the “shooter” made in his “Manifesto,” which he released online and you can read here, he talked extensively of falling birth rates and how Europe is failing to replace her population.

Now this is a real issue in so far as people have chosen to abandon morality and with it family life, and has been discussed by many websites as it has potentially major consequences for the future. But while the Christian views this as a matter of Faith versus infidelity and apostasy, it is not so for those in nationalist circles, who use it as a bridge point in order to bring their supporters to accept and justify murdering “outsiders”.

It is however, quite the interesting timing and co-incidence that Breitbart, a major American news outlet directly responsible for promoting nationalism for many years, published a story about falling birth rates at virtually the same time as the shooter did between releasing his “Manifesto” online and then going on his murder rampage.

You can read the full story here or here if you wish.

It should be made clear that since this is a topic of public conversation among many circles, it is not something that is uncommonly discussed at all. What make it so interesting is the particular timing of it in light of the circumstances that gives a man to wonder if there was something more that happened.

During the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks, there were many similar instances of such “coincidental” actions happening all throughout the New York and New Jersey area. To cite one of the many examples, there was the case of Israelis with links to the 9/11 attacks that when asked about, the US Government said it was “classified information”:

In another such example, famously pointed out another interesting “co-incidence,” which is that not only are Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller tied to major National Socialist figures in Serbia and Bulgaria, but Spencer gave a speech in Iceland with a group called Vakur, who was interestingly started by the largest drug-dealer in Iceland, one of the largest in Europe, and who is an open satanist and promotes satanism and neo-paganism as the answer to Islam and “immigration”, as we uncovered in an exclusive article:

In fact, all who read Spencer only know that Spencer ‘visited Iceland’. He wrote reports to scrub and cleanse his host Vakur from liberal attacks while concealing that Sigurfreyr Jonasson and Vakur are major movers and shakers who work the ropes from SIOE’s headquarters in Denmark.

While some might falsely argue a “guilt by association,” Spencer still continues to partner with neo-Nazis to this day even after being notified and their names are still on the official Facebook of SIOE.

But why does he conceal this connection, and who in the U.S. is looking out for you tracking the organizers for these Northern European events that Spencer attends? Actually no one tracks these connections. Sigurfreyr Jonasson is not some ‘Islamophobe’ but an Icelandic occultist, eugenist and neo-Nazi who runs the organization under which the event was organized, called Vakur (there is an Icelandic report on Vakur that you can read here).

According to Icelandic journalist Ágúst Borgþór Sverrisson, Sigurfreyr Jonasson is the organizer for Vakur. But he is kept hidden. All you are supposed to consume is this:

Photo from Vakur’s website advertising the event with Spencer

It took some homework, but our sources in Iceland were able to obtain a photo of Robert Spencer’s partner and colleague, Sigurfreyr Jonasson in a t-shirt. And what it shows should reveal everything you need to know:

According to the company’s official website, Sigurfreyr Jonasson is the head of the “International Web Design Team” for Nordic Wolf, and “has published numerous articles on the web, on topics such as psychology, pedagogy, judicial matters, history, mysticism, drug policy, and the drug war.”

And by “mysticism” it is speaking of Sigurfreyr Jonasson’s deep involvement in the occult. Sigurfreyr Jonasson is so steeped into satanic activities, rituals and weird fascinations that on his Pinterest page one will find it filled with disturbing images; utter satanism, an abhorrence for Christianity and love for occultism. From cluttered dark images of upside-down crosses to the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley, Baphomet and other demons the man is a nightmare:

Jonasson’s Pinterest page reveals his fascination and liking for swastikas:

Here is a closeup shot:

On his website, he wrote an article entitled, “Witches — Their Discipline and Liturgy” in which he describes disturbing and sinister occultic rituals. In the beginning of the article, Jonasson writes:

“In many western cities, if you carefully search, you can find a collection of people who take part in the secrecy of the Norse.”

As we pointed out at the end of our article:

What we can conclude is that Robert Spencer was doing an event for Sigurfreyr Jonasson, a neo-pagan Nazi who runs the biggest drug pushing organization in Iceland, Snarrotin. Spencer can claim in ignorance, but he would still have to explain why he has travelled to Sweden to speak for the Sweden Democrats, a political party founded by Nazis which actually held a meeting with a Nazi SS member; Spencer still has to explain why his organization, SIOE (Stop the Islamization of Europe) has on its board people who are anti-Christian, occult-practicing criminals and why such extensive measures were seemingly taken to avoid any mention of this.

Now, having considered such, let’s re-examine the “birth rate” article from Breitbart.

Without disputing the content of the article, it is a known fact that Breitbart is the largest media voice for the contemporary nationalist movement, and has a history of associating with highly controversial figures on the American right and support many of such figures in the European right. They have many very high-profile and well-connected people who they are in regular contact with and support.

All journalists are simply servants of the owners of the media stations. Freedom of the press only exists in so far as the owner of a particular organ of the press allows it, as it has always been throughout history.

The person who wrote this article most likely was told by her supervisor or department manager to write it. She was doing her job like any employee would. While it is possible that she would have wanted to write an article about this topic, she still would have to get permission before doing so.

This brings up the next question- who gave her the order or permission to write it? This does not even pertain to her immediate or branch supervisors, but to ask if the order came from a higher source within Breitbart.

The fact is that we do not know if this happened or not. It is pure speculation, and cannot be confirmed on the current set of evidence.

However, knowing how well-connected and influential that news outlet is, and how this article just so happened to come out at almost the exact time as this shooting was taking place before it made international news, just similar to how there are many people who on further examination have questionable ties just “appear” at major events or with other people of particular beliefs in specific contexts, is quite interesting.

It is, without a doubt, some food for thought.

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