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Major American Christian Leader Calls Out America’s ‘Sins’ Yet Fails To Mention How America Loves What God Hates

Recently the National Day of Prayer was held, and Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of famed Protestant Evangelist Billy Graham concluded with a prayer for 12 of “America’s national sins.”: Anne Graham Lotz, a renowned evangelist and Billy Graham’s daughter, concluded the 2017 National Day of Prayer by leading those gathered for the observance at the […]

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Once Secret Christian Converts From Islam In Morocco Now Demanding Right To Openly Profess Christ

Being a Christian is dangerous anywhere in the Muslim world. This is especially true in Morocco, which is not only more than 99% Muslim, but has a history going back to the earliest days of Islam as being a bastion of war against Christian Europe. But in an interesting case, some recently former Muslims who […]

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Pakistani Hospital Forces Christian Employees To Blaspheme Christ Every Day Or Be Fired

Being a Christian while surrounded by others who hate you for your faith is very difficult. But imagine being forced by your employer to blaspheme your own faith each day or else be unable to pay your bills. That is what is happening at a hospital in Pakistan, where it has come out that a […]

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Three Out Of Four Christians Have Fled Iraq For Their Lives And That Number Continues To Grow

Prior to 2003, there were millions of Christians in Iraq. Now after years of war and the horrors of ISIS, three out of four Christians have fled Iraq and that number continues to grow as those left behind struggle to escape with their lives before it’s too late: As many as 1.5 million Christians, or […]

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Pope Francis Cites Major Catholic Prophecy That God Is Going To Destroy The World By Fire From Heaven

Reading the news for us has taken on a cinematic quality, with each day’s news showing another prophecy as though one was in a movie except that it isn’t a movie- it’s real. Pope Francis made a statement recently about North Korea and the potential for a nuclear war that would come from conflict over […]

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Muslim Uber Driver Tells Passenger That He Is With ISIS, Then Asks ‘Have You Ever Tasted Human Flesh?’, She Calls The Police And They Do Nothing

Imagine the horror of taking a taxi only to realize you are trapped in that vehicle with a driver who is both a terrorist and a cannibal who then starts asking you about the taste of human meat. That is what happened to one woman in Australia, who took a Uber taxi ride only to […]

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ISIS Sex Slavers Attack Iraqi Christian Woman And Steal Her 6-Year-Old Daughter Right Off Her Shoulders For Refusing To Convert To Islam

A Christian woman was trying to flee after ISIS terrorists had taken over her down and demanded they convert to Islam. Instead they were captured and gave her daughter to an older Tunisian jihadi, and the told her never to ask about her again or else they would behead her: A displaced Iraqi Christian mother […]

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Muslim Man Stabs Afghani Woman To Death In Front Of Her Children After She Abandons Islam To Follow Jesus

Many Muslims who have recently come to Europe from the Middle East and Africa are abandoning Islam for Christ. The move is so large that once dead or dying church buildings are now filled with these people. That said, the hatred Islam has for Christianity has only intensified as many Muslims have been attacking and […]

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Christian Mother Imprisoned For Years On Death Row Over False Blasphemy Charges Has Her Case For Appeal Delayed Again

Asia Bibi is a woman from Pakistan who has been sitting on death row wince 2010 for false blasphemy charges. Her case has garnered international attention and has been instrumental in bringing to light the horrible situation which Christians live under in Pakistan, where the mere accusation of “blasphemy” is enough to cause nothing short […]

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Catholic Girl In Pakistan Rescued After Being Captured And Forcibly Converted To Islam

Christians in Muslim nations suffer tremendously. In spite of the great suffering, there are still many stories of victory and miracles. In one such story out of Pakistan, a 14-year-old girl who was kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam has been rescued and reunited with her family: A 14-year-old Catholic girl in Pakistan, taken from […]

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More Is Finally Being Said About The Horrible Torture That North Korean Christians Go Through, But For What Purpose?

As the drums of war beat louder between the United States and North Korea, more stories are coming out about the inhumane and brutal treatment of Christians in North Korea, many who in addition to living in squalor and misery have to meticulously hide their faith in Christ lest they be put to death. It […]

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Muslims Go On Rampage Mercilessly Attacking And Torturing Christians In Pakistani Neighborhood

It all started after a Muslim teen attacked a Christian teen and stole his cell phone and the Christian fought back. The Muslim told his friends, and they went to the teen’s neighborhood where they pulled out guns and began shooting and torturing random people as “revenge” for the teen defending himself: Christians attacked by […]

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Muslim Tutor Kidnaps Christian Teen Apprentice And Forcibly Marries Himself To Her

Throughout history, there are countless examples of Christian families whose children have been kidnapped, tortured, or their minds poisoned against their own Faith after their parents allowed their children to be apprenticed by or work closely with Muslims in their formative years. Sending a child to work as a subject of the Muslims is similar […]

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Persecution Explodes Across India As Hindu Nationalists Are Now Attacking Christians Every 40 Hours

Anti-Christian attacks are exploding throughout the Hindu majority nation of India. Coming primarily at the hands of Hindu nationalists who want to destroy Christianity and create a pure Hindu state, right now there is on average one attack every 40 hours and getting worse as they try to stomp out the faith through acts of […]

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Spokesman For Church Of England States ‘”Fundamentalist” Parents Have No Right To Object To Forced Lessons About Islam In School For Their Children’

Of course when speaking about “fundamentalists” he means Christians any anybody who might disagree with forced Islamization of their children. Because Muslim Children would not be forced to learn about Christianity if they were “offended,” but it is not so the other way around. It is strange and sad to watch the Church of England […]

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While The Russians And The Chechens Are Fighting Homosexuality, So-Called “Christian” Political Leaders In The West Are Declaring It ‘Not A Sin’

In a story coming out of Chechnya, there are rumors that the republic is going to “eliminate” its entire homosexual population before the beginning of Ramadan this year: A British foreign minister has warned that the Chechen Republic government is planning to “eliminate” its entire gay population by the start of the Islamic holy month […]

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