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“Muslims Are Not Like Us And Will Never Integrate” Former Head of UK EQUALITY Commmission Rips Islam, Political Correctness, and Multiculturalism

Former Head of the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission Mr. Trevor Phillips has said publicly that Muslims will never integrate for the simple reason that they do not and nor will they ever share the same values as UK citizens and that it was disrespectful to think that they would change. He added that […]

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“2016 is a decisive year for American Muslims” CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad Terrified Of Donald Trump Becoming President, Begs Muslims To Try And Stop Him

Terrorist frontman Nihad Awad, who is Executive Director for the designated Islamic terrorist Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) gave a speech earlier this month calling this upcoming 2016 presidental election a “decisive year for American Muslims.” In a calm but uneasy speech, he stated that the future of Islam in the United States was in jeopardy. […]

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“I’m Scared About The Future Of My Children” Chemistry Professor Confronts Merkel At Public Event, University And German Government Respond By Pressing Legal Charges Against Him

Professor Thomas Roedel is a Chemistry Professor at Merseburg University in Germany with three children who is gravely concerned about the future of German society. When Chancellor Merkel was recently invited to give a speech christening the opening of a new chemistry facility at the school, Professor Roedel interrupted Chancellor Merkel and held up a […]

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Feral Muslim Teenage “Grope Gangs” Have Turned Stockholm Central Station Into A Lawless Wasteland

In another episode of the horror story that recent Swedish history has become, thousands of Moroccan orphan teenagers have banned together in gangs that have turned parts of Stockholm into impassable war zone, including the Swedish capitol’s central train terminal, the Stockholm Central Station. Feral Muslim “Grope Gangs” roam the subways and streets robbing and […]

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“Want Free Money? Get Married Again!” UK Gives Extra State Benefits To Polygamous Muslim Couples, Native Non-Muslims Need Not Apply

It used to be that foreigners came to the West and married with a local so they could gain citizenship. Now under a new law in the UK, Muslims who have more than one wife will qualify for extra state welfare. The changes state that the marriage must have taken place outside of the UK […]

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Muslim Mob Beats and Sexually Assaults 18-Year-Old Pregnant German Woman

From the Lausitzer Rundschau (translated thanks to Google Translate): The 18-year-old claimed to have been harassed on Tuesday around 9:30 clock of several foreign-looking men, encountered and touched inappropriately. The woman was slightly injured. Have played to the happenings on the mountain road, near the retirement home, where the park road leads into the mountain […]

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“They Throw The Food We Give Them In The Street And Spend The Money On Prostitutes” Italian Mayor Is Furious After “Migrants” Cause Violent Protest That Has To Be Stopped By Police Because They Want Money

From Canale58: “Food thrown in the street, men from the forces of order take out of the territory. Food and men who could and should have been available for those who have need of them. There are many people in Italy who have need of them. Too many Italians who are now poor, too many […]

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Selfish And Ungrateful Muslim “Refugees” Complain That UK Taxpayer Funded Meals, Accomodations, Are “Not Nice”

Young, male, well-dressed, selfish and ungrateful. This is the up-close face of the so-called “refugees” that the West is being told we have to take- a bunch of freeloaders who contribute nothing but only take. Via Sky News: Interviewer: Some people would say that people here are trying to be helpful. They give you accomodation […]

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Norwegian State Television Ridicules “Refugees Welcome” Crowd As Being Blindly “Tolerant”

You know that society is turning against the Muslim “refugees” when the most liberal nations are now mocking the same “tolerance” they espoused for so many years. In a hilarious cartoon, Norwegian State Television mocks pro-refugee supporters as fools who continue to support the Muslims even as they shameless rape and pillage their host nations:

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“We Will Make Rivers Out Of Your Blood- Soon In The Champs-Elysees” ISIS Releases New Propaganda Video

ISIS has released and new message for the West- We are coming for France and the UK. From LiveLeak: Former bus driver Samy Amimour is featured in one of the most distressing scenes in the footage, when he smiles into the camera after picking up the head of a decapitated prisoner. He then delivers a […]

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“Men, Return To Your Virtues! Fight Back-We Need A Male Revolution!” Danish Journalist Rips Merkel, Islam, Feminism, European Men For Being Demasculinized And Acting Like Women

Four days ago, I posted an interview that went viral with a 16-year-old teenager begging German men to rise up and defend them German women against Merkel’s refugee invasion. In nothing less than a timely response, Danish journalist Iben Threholm mercilessly rips how Feminism has destroyed European culture and created a society of weak, soft, spineless […]

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“Jews Will Be A Minority In Israel By The End Of 2016”- Israel Facing A Demographic Collapse And Muslim Majority

In reports coming from representatives from both Israel and the West Bank, by the end of this year for the first time in its history Jews will be a minority in Israel. This is in spite of unprecedented levels of Jewish immigration to Israel. From Chinese Central TV (CCTV) News:   Demographics is king. Without numbers […]

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“ISIS Is Following Us!” True Christian Refugees Fleeing From ISIS Terrorists Recognize ISIS Murderer Migrating To Europe, Following And Harassing Christians

In must-see reports from the UK Express and Russia Today, true Christian refugees to Europe fleeing Muslim terrorists and ISIS are terrified to see that the same terrorists which tortured and murdered their families are following them to Europe and harassing them: The Assyrian Christians refugees who made the petrifying claim were granted asylum after […]

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“Islamic Migrants Are Invading Europe As Part Of A War Against Christianity”- Former Estonian PM Nails It

Kristiina Ojuland, Former Estonian Prime Minister “What we see now since this year is a totally different situation. … If this is not stopped, the big question will be a political question of Islam and the Islamic invasion of Europe. Even many Muslim leaders do not deny this is their aim, the invasion of Europe.”

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