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Selfish And Ungrateful Muslim “Refugees” Complain That UK Taxpayer Funded Meals, Accomodations, Are “Not Nice”

Young, male, well-dressed, selfish and ungrateful. This is the up-close face of the so-called “refugees” that the West is being told we have to take- a bunch of freeloaders who contribute nothing but only take. Via Sky News: Interviewer: Some people would say that people here are trying to be helpful. They give you accomodation […]

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Norwegian State Television Ridicules “Refugees Welcome” Crowd As Being Blindly “Tolerant”

You know that society is turning against the Muslim “refugees” when the most liberal nations are now mocking the same “tolerance” they espoused for so many years. In a hilarious cartoon, Norwegian State Television mocks pro-refugee supporters as fools who continue to support the Muslims even as they shameless rape and pillage their host nations:

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“We Will Make Rivers Out Of Your Blood- Soon In The Champs-Elysees” ISIS Releases New Propaganda Video

ISIS has released and new message for the West- We are coming for France and the UK. From LiveLeak: Former bus driver Samy Amimour is featured in one of the most distressing scenes in the footage, when he smiles into the camera after picking up the head of a decapitated prisoner. He then delivers a […]

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“Men, Return To Your Virtues! Fight Back-We Need A Male Revolution!” Danish Journalist Rips Merkel, Islam, Feminism, European Men For Being Demasculinized And Acting Like Women

Four days ago, I posted an interview that went viral with a 16-year-old teenager begging German men to rise up and defend them German women against Merkel’s refugee invasion. In nothing less than a timely response, Danish journalist Iben Threholm mercilessly rips how Feminism has destroyed European culture and created a society of weak, soft, spineless […]

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“Jews Will Be A Minority In Israel By The End Of 2016”- Israel Facing A Demographic Collapse And Muslim Majority

In reports coming from representatives from both Israel and the West Bank, by the end of this year for the first time in its history Jews will be a minority in Israel. This is in spite of unprecedented levels of Jewish immigration to Israel. From Chinese Central TV (CCTV) News:   Demographics is king. Without numbers […]

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“ISIS Is Following Us!” True Christian Refugees Fleeing From ISIS Terrorists Recognize ISIS Murderer Migrating To Europe, Following And Harassing Christians

In must-see reports from the UK Express and Russia Today, true Christian refugees to Europe fleeing Muslim terrorists and ISIS are terrified to see that the same terrorists which tortured and murdered their families are following them to Europe and harassing them: The Assyrian Christians refugees who made the petrifying claim were granted asylum after […]

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“Islamic Migrants Are Invading Europe As Part Of A War Against Christianity”- Former Estonian PM Nails It

Kristiina Ojuland, Former Estonian Prime Minister “What we see now since this year is a totally different situation. … If this is not stopped, the big question will be a political question of Islam and the Islamic invasion of Europe. Even many Muslim leaders do not deny this is their aim, the invasion of Europe.”

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“Merkel Should Be Ready To Flee To South America” German Political Party Leader Publicly Rips Merkel And Her Immigration Policy,

Ms. Beatrix von Storch of the Alternative for Germany, a pro-German anti-EU party that was founded in 2013 and is now the third largest political party in Germany wrote on Facebook and said on TV over the weekend that Chancellor Merkel should “go into exile in South America” after her term is up for her […]

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German People Take Matters Into Their Own Hands And Buy Guns In RECORD Breaking Numbers, Lock-And-Load Against Muslim Invaders

In a surprisingly pleasant report from the BBC, gun and weapons sales in Germany have reached record numbers as the German people, whose trust in their government and her decisions has been utterly destroyed by Chancellor Merkel’s foolish and suicidal ideas about Muslims and mass migration, have realized that they have to take matters into […]

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INVASION: Muslim Migrants Break Out Of Camps, Try To Rush The Police

Imagine yourself a Roman soldier around the year 400. Barbarian hordes are pouring out of Germany and northern Europe into Roman territory, overrunning Roman posts and crashing into your society like tidal waves against a coastal town. They are threatening to overwhelm and destroy the way of life you and your family have known for generations […]

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“The Best Migrant Is The Migrant Who Does NOT Come” Hungarian PM Viktor Orban Slams Refugees, Merkel, EU

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has received criticism from Western European government and “human rights” groups but praise from Eastern European nations and Austria for his stance on the refugee crisis by pointing out the obvious- Europe cannot handle any more people, and many of those here need to go back or be physically barred […]

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“A Short Dress, Heels, And Legs Apart Doesn’t Mean She Wants Sex” Inside “Classes” Teaching “Migrants” NOT To Rape

Norwegian educator Linda Hagen spends her days showing young, Muslim male migrants from the Middle East and Africa pictures of women in different types of clothing. Her class has one goal- to teach Muslims that just because they think a woman looks pretty, it does not mean they can go rape her. Via the UK […]

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“We Will Reconquer Al-Andalus For Islam” ISIS Pledges To Invade And Conquer Spain

In a story first reported by the UK Express, ISIS has released as new message pledging to reconquer Al-Andalus, which is the Islamic name for Spain under the Muslim occupation. While the two are not connected, it is interesting to note that not only have two people from Morocco been arrested in connection with terrorist threats […]

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Chess Now Joins The List Of Things That Have A Fatwa Against It (Including But Not Limited To Christians, Jews, Bananas, Mickey Mouse, Visiting The Planet Mars, E-cigarettes, etc.)

I remember when chess was recounted as one of the great accomplishments of Islamic civilization. Chess has been the subject of debate for not a few Muslim scholars, and it has been re-emphasized again that at least for the moment, Chess is an evil deserving of a fatwa alongside other condemned things such as but […]

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“Ban Alcohol Or Else There Will Be More Sex Attacks” Muslim Group Threatens German People

“As we have seen, Muhammed had neither supernatural miracles nor natural motives of reason to persuade those of his sect. As he lacked in everything, he took to bestial and barbaric means, which is the force of arms. Thus he introduced and promulgated his message with robberies, murders, and bloodshedding, destroying those who did not […]

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