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Barbaric ISIS Issue Sickening Fatwa To Mutilate Genitals Of NEWBORN Baby Girls

A girl undergoing Female Genital Mutilation In another new low reached by ISIS, the Muslim group has mandated that all newborn baby girls must undergo a clitorectomy, otherwise known as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). From the UK Express: The terror group ordered that if mothers objected to the female genital mutilation (FGM) for their children […]

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Lancashire Churches Vandalized, Statues Of The Virgin Mary And St. Joseph Beheaded- Guess Who Is Behind It

In a story from the UK Express, the ancient St. Chad’s church in Poulton-Le-Fylde, Lancashire, UK was horrifically vandalized by “unknown” assailants: Twelve window panes at historic St Chad’s Church in the Lancashire town of Poulton-le-Fylde were smashed last week, just two months after they were repaired. The vandals then turned on the church’s outdoor […]

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Rose Hamid Is Another Terrorist Supporting Muslim Masquerading As A Good American

Nice publicity stunt attempt CNN. Here is the video: As was expected and proven by the video, Trump’s supporters conducted themselves very well. Imagine if she was a Christian attempting to protest in a Muslim country, and what would happen? This is just to show that “Muslims aren’t that scary”? Right. I’m sure that was […]

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child abuse

Google Proves Widespread Muslim Pedophilia- A Exclusive

Afghan Muslim pedophile with his “bacha bazi” boy, or “toy boy.” Such children are sexually abused in horrendous ways beginning at a very young age. It is no secret that wherever Muslims go massive sexual abuse follows, and especially with homosexuality and pedophilia. While there are homosexuals and pedophiles in every culture in the world, […]

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What Merkel Said Is Bad Enough; You Won’t Believe What The Anchor Says

Merkel: What happened during new years eve is completely unacceptable. These are despicaable criminal acts that a state cannot accept, that Germany cannot acept. We must also continually raise the cultural foundation of our common life in Germany, and it is right the citizens expect that words follow deeds. We must constantly consider whether all […]

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Muslim brags about devastating 7-man gang rape of young German virgin girl, “full of dirt and sperm”

Watch the video. Muslim Rapist: “Dude we were seven guys. Some on the floor, three on the beds. They were bunk beds. Three were on top, three were below. Adim switched off the light and f***ed her. He deflowered her. She was a virgin. You must imagine that! Virgin! And we were still six guys […]

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German WOMAN Mayor Blames New Year’s Day Rapes On Victims, Says Nothing About Muslim Perverts Who Won’t Control Themselves

Henriette Reker, Mayor of Cologne If this was any other group, especially a European man, he would be in jail. But if you are a leftist intent on letting barbarians rape your daughters and commiting civilizational suicide, there is no problem. From the Deutsch RP Online (translated courtesy of Google Translate): With a catalog of […]

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WE WILL CONQUER ROME AND SMASH YOUR CROSSES!- Apostate Catholic Turned Muslim Preaches Conquest, Destruction Of Rome and Christian Churches

Musa Cerantonio Australian Catholic apostate turned Muslim Musa Cerantonio has a message: Christians are infidels who don’t deserve respect or places of worship, and Islam is coming to conquer Rome. Mr. Cerantonio converted from a nominal Catholic background in 2008. According to his story, he was “converted” after he studied Christianity and then took an […]

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British Government Sells Out Britons, Drops False Charges Against Tommy Robinson And Then REINSTATES Them After He Founds PEGIDA UK

Tommy Robinson Apparently the UK Government, who gave up on her fellow Englishmen and has chosen to support Islam at all costs, is reinstating “assault” charges again Tommy Robinson AFTER he announcement that he was leading PEGIDA UK. The charges? That he “attacked” a Muslim while in prison. Mr. Robinson asserts that he was defending […]

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