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Glory to God: Rescue Christians Has secured the Release From Prison, A Victim of the False Blasphemy Charges.

PRESS RELEASE Usman Masih, was falsely accused of committing Blasphemy on 25th May 2016 in Punjab Pakistan, was released from prison on Friday February 16th 2018 by Judge Muhammad Moeen Khokhar, in Ferozewala, a town in Punjab Pakistan. The Judge announced the acquittal of all charges connected to the Blasphemy Laws based on the fact […]

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The President Can Declassify the Records of the FISA court – FISA JUDGE IS POSSIBLY DIRTY

Keith Davies political correspondent Congressmen Nunes and Goodlatte chairs of the House Intelligence and Judiciary committees have both requested the records of transcripts for the FISA court. However the presiding judge Rosemary Collyr in her responding letter, while not denying access, points out that this request has never been asked before in the history of […]

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Obamacide is Suicide

Dennis Stewart guest contributor Saint Thomas Aquinas proved: “Against a fact there is no argument”. John Adams, our second president and the father of the United States Navy stated: “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and […]

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Breaking News: Legal Team file Court Motion To Obtain Evidence to Prove That General Michael Flynn Was Framed.

Keith Davies Political Correspondent Michael Flynn’s legal team filed a motion in court today to acquire the FD 302s that were possibly tampered with, that were possibly used to gain a guilty plea bargain against General Michael Flynn. Byron York of the Washington Examiner reported on February 12th that Comey had testified in private Congressional […]

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Obama Clinton Treason

If Hillary Goes Down So Will Obama

Keith Davies political correspondent As the truth continues to come out about all the scandals intertwining together, i.e Uranium One, Clinton email scandal, FISA Scandal with illegal spying, framing of Michael Flynn, the phony special counsel and the leaks of classified information in the first few months of the Trump administration; the key information which […]

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Law concept: black text Indictment under the curled piece of Red torn paper with  Tag Cloud

Dozens of Clean FBI and DOJ officials working on indictments against the “Secret Society” and Deep State.

Keith Davies Political Correspondent Joe Di Genova a former federal prosecutor and a man who is very well-connected in Washington especially in the law enforcement community in interview today explains what is happening behind the scenes. Listen to this seven and half-minute interview on WMAL radio station which is in the Washington DC area and […]

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Deepthroat in Spygate has been acquired, It is over for Obama/Clinton and their “Secret Society”

Keith Davies Political Correspondent Hat Tip The Conservative Tree Chris Stewart a Republican congressman who is on the House Intelligence committee in an interview with Jeanine Pirro on Fox News over the weekend let the cat out of the bag when asked about E. W. “Bill” Priestap who is and still is the head of […]

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BOOM! Mueller and Rosenstein secretly apply to courts to throw out their own case against Paul Manafort. FULL COVER UP IN PROCESS!!

Keith Davies, political correspondent The essence of a free government consists in an effectual control of rivalries. John Adams founding father and second president of the United States According to report on on February 3rd 2018 News: Mueller’s prosecutors urged a judge to dismiss a civil lawsuit attacking an Oct. 27 indictment charging that […]

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Goes around

Bombshell: Weiner Laptop Emails Deliberately held back by Comey, New Hero Appears at DOJ – Did his Job!!

We all remember the bombshell Comey announcement a few days before the 2016 presidential election concerning the Weiner Laptop of the estranged husband of Huma Abiden (Clintons personal assistant) which was found to probably have classified email on it. We now discover that the only reason that Comey informed Congress was because there was one […]

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James Comey, Andrew MacCabe and Peter Strzok as Thick as Thieves in conspiracy to Frame Trump and Protect Clinton.

Keith Davies Political Correspondent In October 2016 Benjamin Wittes the good friend of James Comey who leaked information to New York Times under Comey’s direction, wrote an article titled: “A Coalition of All Democratic Forces, Part III: What if Trump Wins?” In this article Mr. Wittes mentions “the Insurance policy” in case Trump was elected. […]

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Another Bombshell Your Main Stream Media is not telling you: Strong Probable Cause to Indicate that the FISA court Was also Biased and Corrupt

Keith Davies Political Correspondent Sharryl Attkisson a prominent investigative journalist, who herself was illegally wire tapped by the Obama administration because of her work on the Benghazi scandal has just published an article in The website which exposes big questions not just on the FBI but on the FISA court itself. What we know […]

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Palestinians and Democrats Have Wiretapping their political Enemies In Common: American Freedom is ON THE LINE

Keith Davies political correspondent Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ ‘Heavy-Handed Rule’ Exposed by Reports of Secret Wiretapping Operation on hundreds of his political adversaries. Full Report on Mahmood Abbas wire tapping scandal can be read about here While this is not surprising as Mahmood Abbas is a terrorist and the government of the “Palestinian Authority” […]

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Indications are appearing that the FBI/Obama May have Framed and Sandbagged General Flynn

Keith Davies Political correspondent We know for sure that President Obama detested General Michael Flynn for disputing Obama’s crazy policy on Islamic Terrorism, ultimately firing or forcing Flynn to resign his post as head of the DIA. We know this because it was leaked that he specifically requested Donald Trump during the transition period that […]

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Phill Mudd

Spokesman for Deep State Threatens the President of the United States on CNN

The video below speaks for itself: Phill Mudd a Bush and Obama former official of the CIA and FBI lies through his teeth and then makes bare-faced threat against a duly elected President of the United States. The truth about a conspiracy against the President has now been exposed with undeniable evidence. These Deep State […]

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BOMBSHELL; Now Confirmed that Team Trump was spied upon PRIOR to Dossier being presented to FISA Court!

Posted by Keith Davies political correspondent. Hat Tip to The Conservative Tree House The Trump Dossier was not created to allow for spying on the Trump Campaign. The Dossier was created to gain a FISA Court approval for illegal surveillance activity that had already taken place (FISA 702 approval can be granted retroactively). First Timeline: […]

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