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Politician Explains What His Country Would Look Like Without Islam

Machiel de Graaf is a Member of Parliament in the Netherlands. He is also a member of Geert Wilders’ PVV / anti-Islam Party. During a speech to Parliament, de Graaf enumerated the number of ways the Netherlands would be different if there was no Islam in the country. It’s a long list… It wasn’t so […]

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Politician Rips Government For Allowing Muslim Invasion

In Sweden, you have the Democrats and the Social Democrats, which is the pro-multicultural party that doesn’t seem to have a problem putting a happy face on the Islamic invasion of the country by calling it immigration. In the speech below before Swedish Parliament, MP Kent Ekeroth with the Democrats, calls out the Parliament for […]

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Groveling Police Chief Falls Victim to Good Cop / Bad Cop

It seems the police chief of Ottawa, Charles Bordeleau is falling victim to a game of good cop / bad cop. After Corporal Nathan Cirillo was murdered by a jihadist who then stormed the Parliament building before being shot by the Sergeant-at-Arms, Bordeleau went to work, shamelessly pleading with leaders of Muslim groups who themselves […]

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British MP Calls for Town he Represents to be Free of Jews

MP George Galloway is a far left-wing member of UK Parliament who has raised money for Hamas. In a video released recently, he calls for the town of Bradford to become an “Israel free zone”, invoking memories to Nazi Germany. In 2009, Galloway was recorded in a Florida mosque helping to raise tax-free donations for […]

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Erdogan afraid of twitter.

Fists Fly in Turkish Parliament

At the core of a fist fight – that even included a flying iPad – among Turkey’s parliamentarians is a corruption scandal that may be ensnaring the political party of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He’s definitely not happy with the investigation and has responded by firing police officers and other individuals it suspects of […]

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Cameron: 'Let's not pretend there's one smoking piece of intelligence (on Assad)'

UK’s David Cameron: No ‘Smoking’ Gun on Assad

By Keith Davies and Ben Barrack When it came to action on Syria, Barack Obama’s emissary to the British Parliament, which also happens to be Prime Minister David Cameron, was unsuccessful in convincing Parliament that action was necessary against Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad. Lost in the news about this defeat for Cameron was a rather shocking […]

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Shocker: Another Terrorist visits the White House

Some of you might remember a terrorist named Hadi al-Ameri getting the red carpet treatment by the White House late last year. Others might remember the Muslim Brotherhood delegation that visited the White House earlier this year. This week, the White House welcomed a card-carrying member of a terrorist organization. Not to worry, though. He […]

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Egyptian Supreme Court rules to dissolve Parliament

Egypt’s newly elected Parliament was ordered to dissolve by that country’s highest court. Hit the hardest is the Muslim Brotherhood, which holds 46% of the seats in the legislative body. A consequence of the ruling is that the Military has declared martial law and is now in control. Via New York Times: Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional […]

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Report: Egyptian MP caught with woman on side of the Road

According to the AFP, a Member of Egyptian Parliament was allegedly caught committing an indecent act with a female passenger in his car, on the side of the road. The MP in question belongs to the Salafist Al-Nour Party. Via Big Peace: Egyptian prosecutors asked parliament on Saturday for permission to investigate an Islamist MP […]

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Egyptian MP pushing for implementation of Female Genital Mutilation

It’s important to remember that approximately 20% of the new Egyptian Parliament is made up of Salafists (Muslim Brotherhood with the mask off). According to the Egypt Independent, one of those Salafist Members of Parliament continues to push for mandating female genital mutilation, based on religious grounds (sharia law). Via EI, h/t WZ: Female circumcision […]

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