Politician Rips Government For Allowing Muslim Invasion

In Sweden, you have the Democrats and the Social Democrats, which is the pro-multicultural party that doesn’t seem to have a problem putting a happy face on the Islamic invasion of the country by calling it immigration. In the speech below before Swedish Parliament, MP Kent Ekeroth with the Democrats, calls out the Parliament for allowing this invasion and makes the sound argument that the Swedish culture has fast become a casualty.

After Ekeroth is done speaking, a member of the Social Democrats – the party in power – confronts Ekeroth by implying he’s a racist and an Islamophobe. Ekeroth rightly asserts that ‘Islamophobia’ is a misnomer because ‘phobia’ refers to something that’s irrational.

While encouraging to watch a young politician like Ekeroth ‘get it’, until his view becomes the predominant view among western leaders, we will continue to see the deterioration of western civilization:

h/t BNI


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