Christian Persecution: A choice between Shame and War‏


Keith Davies Executive Director of The Walid Shoebat Foundation and F.F.M.U. – latest piece published on blog a few minutes ago. Supportive comments on the Big peace web site would be appreciated. Link is below.

As world events are reported, another tragedy that rarely makes the headlines is happening and has been for several years, which our media on the right, left and Christian will not report and inform the people of the Western world. The foundation for another genocidal holocaust is taking hold in the Middle East and Asia with the Nazi style persecution of Christians, along with a developing nuclear Middle East; these are major warning signs of a worse upheaval and even world war.

The blasphemy laws concerning the affront to Islam or anything concerning the religion is part and parcel of the laws of the “secular” government of Pakistan. Christians are basically subject to laws in Pakistan based on the Umar Declaration the third Khalifa of Islam, that makes all non-Muslims second-class citizens and subservient, referred to as Dhimmis in the Islamic faith. The Umar Declaration was copied by Hitler to enact the infamous Nuremberg laws against the Jews as well as being educated by the modern originators of genocide the Islamic fundamentalist Ottoman Turks who also showed Hitler how to commit and get away with the murder of 2.2 million Armenian and Assyrian Christians during WW1.

In the last two weeks there has been an assassination of the Christian Minister for Minorities in the Pakistan government, who died in a hail of bullets when getting into his car. The reason for his murder was that he opposed the blasphemy laws of Pakistan and he wanted them repealed by the “secular” government. A few days ago David Qumar, a Christian who was imprisoned unjustly for blasphemy, was killed in his prison cell. There are hundreds of other Christians incarcerated on false blasphemy charges with random murders and violence against the Christian community.

Muslims in Pakistan use the blasphemy laws as a weapon to intimidate Christians. In real estate and business deals that Christians win over Muslim competitors; on many occasions the losing Muslim bidder who is ticked off, then files a vindictive grievance with his local mosque and accuses the Christian of ridiculing or insulting the prophet Mohammad which results in the Imam filing a fatwa with the local government authorities. As Islamic fundamentalism takes over, countries that have a majority Muslim population, intimidation of the Christian minority in Pakistan and the rest of the Muslim world are on the same level as the treatment of the Jews in Nazi Germany in the late 1930s. We work with people on the ground in Pakistan who have provided us with hundreds of cases of persecution. There are too many for us to even begin to provide all the resources needed to alleviate their hardship. The story is similar in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt and wherever there is a Christi
minority in a Muslim country.

What is an even bigger crime is the lesson of the Holocaust and all those films we have watched about Oscar Schindler, Raoul Wallenberg, Anne Frank and others has not given us the moral compass to act to stop such intolerance and persecution. Our Western democracies, our churches and our synagogues are about to repeat the same ignorance as we displayed in the 1930s and 40s. Where are the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Anti Defamation league on this issue? I have written to both but I did not get even a reply. If I were donating a million dollars in return for my name going on one of their buildings I am sure the response would have been instantaneous. As for the Christian organizations you do not get away with blame either as none of you will offer support to rescue victims in hiding from the blasphemy law, as doing something that might not fully conform within the law, might infringe on your 501 c 3 charitable tax exempt status. So far we have failed to get anyone in the
establishment to help. Let me remind you hypocrites who celebrate the bravery of Raoul Wallenberg and Oscar Schindler, and other righteous people; nearly everything they did to save Jews was illegal and life threatening in the countries they operated.

Our State Department knows full well of the tremendous persecution and instead of making it easier for Christians to get to America they have done the opposite. From the work we have been doing we have strong circumstantial evidence that all Pakistani Christians cannot get any type of visa to come to the United States. Those that know their history remember how the State Department before and during WW2, not only ignored the problem of the plight of world Jewry but also deliberately prevented the Jews from escaping Nazi Europe. This is a great blemish on the history of the USA. I am sorry to say we are to repeat it if the right pressure is not brought to bear upon our media and political leaders.

In the world today we witness the repeat of the history in every way as to what happened prior to WW2. We have the persecution of Israel (the Jews), the persecution of Christians, an evil ideology that subjugates all who are not of the same thinking when in complete power, and who threaten with death those that will not conform to their ideals. Nazism was in its early stages a minority but then controlled the majority. Today the majority thinking in the whole of the Muslim world is based on fundamentalist Islam, this is proven beyond a reasonable doubt based on countless polls and surveys done by both Arab and Western sources. Hitler himself copied much of the Islamic concepts in order to maintain his grip on power. Our fear and political correctness is the shame of weakness and willful ignorance we showed in the 1930s.

G-d will judge each one of us based on what we do and do not do.

It is appropriate to quote the champion of freedom Sir Winston Churchill from the same era as the 1930s – “We have been given a choice between war and shame, we have chosen shame and we will get war.”


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