Stockholm Syndrome, Masochism, or Muslim Sisterhood in Tunisia?

Try as I might, I can only come up with three possible for scenarios for why the women in Tunisia are clamoring to be put into the subservient chains of Sharia law. First, this completely illogical development, via the AFP:

Hundreds of Muslim women gathered near Tunis Saturday to call for the return of the caliphate, the defunct Islamic system of governance which they said was the only means of guaranteeing their rights.

The members of the Hizb ut-Tahrir party came from Islamic countries including Arab states, Indonesia and Turkey, as well as from Europe to debate the benefits of the system that disappeared nearly 90 years ago.

“This conference raises questions about the secular liberal way of life and asks whether it is a system that has succeed in securing the dignity and rights of women,” chief spokeswoman Nasrin Nawaaz of the British branch of the party told AFP.

“Muslim women are gathering together saying that we no longer want to live under secular liberal democratic systems,” she added.

“We want a new system, we want the khalifa system that historically has been tried and has succeeded in securing the rights of women.”

Some of these women may be proponents of the Muslim Sisterhood, which is simply an arm of their male counterparts; others may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, a condition that causes hostages to sympathize with their captors. Still others may simply be masochists who like to be relegated to an inferior class of people; Kevin Bacon illustrates this dynamic perfectly:

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