French Terrorist uploaded video of his execution of Eight year-old girl

As French president Nicolas Sarkozy continues his Islam-apology tour in the wake of a Jihadist attack on his own people, it’s learned that the Islamic gunman posted videos of his murders, which included shooting an eight year-old girl point blank in the head.

Via the New York Post:

The Muslim fanatic who killed seven people in France was so proud of his unspeakably evil work that he uploaded sickening video to the Internet showing him executing a helpless, terrified 8-year-old girl, officials said.

Mohammed Merah is seen yanking Myriam Monsenego by her hair — then firing a bullet into her head while he holds her.
Officials believe Merah strapped on a camera before each murder and posted the videos on jihadi Web sites, where he believed they would inspire other al Qaeda wannabes.

Myriam was slain outside a Jewish school in Toulouse, where Merah also killed a rabbi and the rabbi’s two young sons.

Instead of Sarkozy pleading with his country’s citizens to control their anger, perhaps he should demonstrate some himself. At the very least, he could have identified the murders as hate crimes.

Instead, he’s more concerned about the Muslim community being victims of unnecessary repercussions.

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