Conundrum in Kazakhstan: Allah paid tribute… on Vodka bottles

This is quite the quandary. Alcohol is prohibited in Islam. Yet, a vodka producer is referencing Allah on its bottles.

Via News 24:

Muslims in the Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan are up in arms at a vodka producer for including the word “Allah” on its liquor bottles.

Privately owned Channel 31 cited Bekzat Boranbaiuly, head imam at a mosque in the city of Semey, as saying the vodka maker should seek forgiveness for the blasphemous use of the sentence “The Power of Allah Suffices for All”.

Islam strictly forbids drinking alcohol.

Here is the quintessential example of an imam taking the ‘glass is half empty’ approach. Instead of seeing it as blasphemy for a vodka producer in Kazakhstan to place a positive message about Allah on the bottles, why not view it as a way for alcoholics to seek Allah?

These guys are never happy.

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