‘Lone Wolf’ Argument over French Jihadist takes another hit

Any ‘moderate’ Muslim living in France with a modicum of allegiance to the country in which he/she resides should be pleased with how French law enforcement dealt with Mohamed Merah, a jihadist who allegedly ‘snapped’ and ‘acted alone.’

But alas, there are apparently scores of French Muslims who want to avenge Merah’s death.

Via the Star Gazette (AP):

France’s interior minister says some Islamist groups in France want to avenge the death of a Muslim radical, who the government says was responsible for the killing of seven people in a shooting spree in the country’s south.

Claude Gueant, speaking on French radio Europe 1 Friday, said that authorities have observed increased “desire” and “enthusiasm” among such groups to avenge the death of Mohamed Merah, a Frenchman of Algerian descent, killed in a standoff with police last month.

President Nicolas Sarkozy, who is facing a tough re-election in a presidential vote, with a first round April 22, has put security high on his agenda.

Gueant called on the people to be “vigilant and attentive.”

Perhaps Sarkozy should speed up those Muslim deportations because it seems that we have ironclad proof of an ideological problem.

Red flag? What red flag?


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