Why are Jewish leaders ignoring the lessons of History?

When Walid first began speaking out, we begged Jewish leaders and institutions to help sponsor and promote his speeches at Universities. A standard answer we received in response was something like, “Mr. Shoebat does not believe in a two-state solution, which is the policy of the Israeli government.”

They refused to support our efforts; that was years ago. Have things gotten better? Uh, no.

The Jewish community is sold on appeasement and interfaith dialogue instead of pleading their case with the average American, who will support them if they make that case properly, with people like Walid Shoebat and other non-Jewish advocates.

The reality is that we are fighting not only militant Islamists but a propaganda machine that insists terrorists are peaceful.

Today, the American government is embracing the Muslim Brotherhood, the originators of the war against the Jews in Mandatory Palestine, headed by a Muslim Brotherhood founder Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem. Ironically, it was another foolish Jew – Sir Herbert Samuel the first British High Commissioner of Palestine – who appeased the Arabs by appointing this Jew Hater Haj Amin Husseini to his Mufti post as the political and spiritual leader for the Palestine Arabs. The root cause of the conflict was Britain’s treachery, headed by a Jew who wanted to go out of his way to be “fair” while taking the path of least resistance.

The path of least resistance almost always leads to a far worse place than you tried to avoid by taking it.

History is repeating itself and the Jewish community still does not learn from its mistakes.

Last year, Stella Paul wrote a piece entitled, “This Passover, Free Us From a Failed Jewish Leadership,” via the American Thinker:

This week is Passover, the season of deliverance, and I’m praying for deliverance from America’s failed Jewish leadership. As Jews confront the most dangerous era since World War II, whom are we stuck with for leaders? A clueless bunch of mini-Pharaohs, strutting around proclaiming their moral superiority, blissfully unaware the Jewish people’s mortal enemies are pulling down their pants and laughing at them.

Cataloguing their collective acts of evasion, cowardice, appeasement, and surrender is not for the faint of heart, but, luckily, I’m fortified by matzo balls and ready to rock. At the Passover Seder, Jews recite Dayenu, a prayer listing the many blessings bestowed by the Almighty, each of which would have sufficed (Dayenu) in its own right. Here, alas, is a woeful Dayenu of the failures of the American Jewish establishment. Can anyone tell me why these preening big shots haven’t been forced to resign in shame? Why, in God’s name, are our purported “leaders” still collecting cushy paychecks when their credibility is bankrupt?

If they only had allowed a storm of anti-Semitism to rise in the West, and hate crimes against American Jews to skyrocket to unprecedented heights, while they declined to muster even a listless response — Dayenu — they would have failed.

If they only had stood aside, shrugging, while America’s college campuses became battlegrounds in the war against Israel, where anti-Semitic lies were force-fed to America’s next generation of leaders, and Jewish students were intimidated and taught self-hatred and alienation from their own identities — Dayenu — they would have failed.

Read all of Paul’s piece HERE.


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