The Failure to Identify the Disease of Islam

By Theodore Shoebat

Although the motive for the North Sudanese is the control over the South’s oil, there lies an even deeper motivation: a hatred for Christianity. For those who would disagree, one only needs to point to the recent burning of a church in Khartoum by a Muslim mob just this Sunday. If the tensions between the North and South are merely secular, then what is the purpose of burning a church, which emphatically is innocent? It does us no justice to describe this tragedy as merely a secular problem, when we find Muslims doing what they have been doing since the very beginnings of Islam’s history.

According to Fox News, the North launched an attack inside South Sudan just in a matter of days after the South declared that it would pull out from disputed land, in order to avoid a full out war. It then so happens that a church is burned by people who are of the same religion which preaches for the death of Christians.  Let us not forget history; Umar, a leading disciple of the prophet Muhammad,  conquered Jerusalem in 638 AD where he had prohibited Christians from building churches, while at the same time permitting Muslims from taking any church they desired. It is now more than appropriate to bridge the violence we see being committed by Muslims, with their own ideology.


Theodore Shoebat is the author of the book For God or For Tyranny.