Why is Sean Hannity doing this?

There are several reasons why high profile individuals do not speak the truth about something. It can be tactical or it can be for career preservation. Wikileaks all but proved it is rarely out of ignorance. Enter Sean Hannity. He has publicly stated his position that Islam is not the problem. Instead, it is “RADICAL” Islam.

Logan’s Warning at Right Side News got into a twitter battle with the talk show host and made this patently apparent. Interestingly, it was Hannity who ultimately blocked LW because he apparently wasn’t prepared to logically defend his position after LW quoted very specific verses.

Hannity ducked the verses, told me there are “different interpretations” and threatened to block me on Twitter.

I told him that is leftist talk, and asked him to show me just ONE version that does not call for the dominance over non-Muslims. Of course he did not respond.

He definitely did not like being challenged. But I was not going to bow to him because he is on TV. The truth is more important! The argument ended with Hannity ignoring all the facts I had sent him, and him stamping his feet as he stated he will NOT say Islam itself is the problem.

Then he blocked me.

Yes, Logan’s Warning doesn’t have the public profile that Hannity does so it’s definitely more difficult for Hannity to take such a position. It was also difficult for Winston Churchill to take the position he did against the Nazis; he took it anyway – at great expense – until the time was right. Just because doing the right thing may be more difficult for Hannity than it is for LW doesn’t make it any less right. Churchill stated very uncomfortable realities from a much higher public position than that held by Hannity.

We’re rapidly approaching the point where everyone will have to choose sides. If you’re not on the side of Islam, you will have to be on the side of Neville Chamberlain or Winston Churchill. Hannity has historically been very critical of Chamberlain. Considering his stance on Islam, Hannity may need to stop doing that if he is to avoid justified charges of hypocrisy.

Here is Hannity’s recent interview with Feisal Abdul Rauf, who is promoting a book. If Hannity had Rauf on his show to expose the imam’s true intentions, it would have been a good move. Instead, the talk show host only helped the radically deceptive imam sell more books while pushing his deceptive agenda.

Hannity has unfortunately staked his very Chamberlain-esque position.

It’s really kinda sad. It’s also tragically ironic because Hannity has said countless times that journalism died in 2008.

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