Has CNN been Infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood?

All this talk about the possible infiltration of the U.S Government warrants a discussion about whether CNN has been infiltrated. If you accept the findings of the Holy Land Foundation trial, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood. As such, it defends the Muslim Brotherhood against those – like Walid – who attempt to expose it.

Last year, while speaking at a DHS conference in Rapid City, SD, CNN’s Drew Griffin showed up and proceeded to perform a hit piece on Walid.

We were presented with some pertinent information at the time but held it back until a time like this, when CNN has apparently turned its sights on Rep. Michele Bachmann’s concerns about Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S Government. Based on an email blast from CAIR Florida’s Tampa chapter, there was some boasting within CAIR (see below) about influencing CNN to produce that hit piece.

Here is a relevant excerpt from our rebuttal to the CNN report last year:

We have also learned thru unimpeachable sources that CAIR operatives secretly worked with CNN in carrying out this political assassination of Mr. Shoebat.

Incidentally, CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper issued a Press Release five days before that event in which he called on South Dakota Department of Public Safety to withdraw its support.

Here are screen shots from an e-mail we received from CAIR’s Tampa Florida Chapter shortly after the CNN hit piece aired. Did CAIR get CNN to travel to Rapid City, SD to cover a local DHS conference?

More anecdotal evidence here. CNN smeared Walid over $5000 but was all but silent in response to the news that the Obama administration was providing the Brotherhood with $1.5 Billion.


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