Charlie Daniels: Hillary would have been better than Barack

Sentiment is widespread among conservatives that Barack Obama has been an unmitigated disaster for the country. However, there is also a belief among many of them that Hillary Clinton would have been a better president. Charlie Daniels, the conservative musician who gave us, ‘The Devil went down to Georgia,’ is among them.

Via the Daily Caller:

Country music star Charlie Daniels told The Daily Caller on Monday he thinks Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would have been a better president than Barack Obama, even though he’s hardly a fan of either.

Daniels said he thinks Obama has surrounded himself with an inner circle of policy and political novices, something that isn’t conducive to running a tight ship inside the White House.

We realize that almost everything posted to our site recently seems to have a Huma Abedin angle to it but in light of what we’re learning about her familial connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, would Hillary really have been a better choice? If Hillary were president, would Huma be her equivalent to Valerie Jarrett? Would that be better than what we have?

Daniels continued…

“If you look at what Obama did, he went out and hired a bunch of amateurs — a bunch of greenhorns, people who didn’t have any experience doing anything,” Daniels said in a phone interview. “Being a great president is being a great leader, which means surrounding yourself with good people.”

“Look at who he’s got. Geithner? Come on, man. I mean, then there’s this guy who was the secretary of whatever it was who went out and had all these wrecks?” a reference to now former Commerce Secretary John Bryson.

“Where’d all these people come from?” Daniels added. “Where’d he find them? These people do not understand the way America works and, you know, I’ll tell you what — I’ve never been a Hillary Clinton fan, but I’d much rather see her be president than Barack Obama. That’s me saying something, that’s how bad I think it has gotten.”

Would the country be in better shape today if Hillary occupied the White House? We’ll never know the answer to that question but the tendency for people to automatically assume she would be might want to reassess that position. In addition to the Huma factor, consider that both Hillary and Barack are students of Community Organizing’s grandfather, Saul Alinsky; he was the subject of Hillary’s senior thesis and even offered her a job (which she turned down to pursue other avenues).

Hillary is much more politically seasoned and would have been much more savvy when it comes to furthering an agenda not all that dissimilar from Obama’s.

Would Hillary have awakened the American people to the extent Obama has?


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