Update on 200 Pakistani Christian families

Keith Davies

Over the weekend, in response to our appeal, we raised nearly $10,000, all of which is being used to rehouse the victims. I would like to thank those who provided the donations with their very generous support, for those that have not done so and would like to help, please click here

Our goal is to raise $40,000 asap.

A little per month goes along way. If you can help by providing an automatic monthly donation for $10 or more, this goes along way, as if we can sign on 10,000 people with an average of $20 per person would provide us with a $200,000 monthly stream of income which would save hundreds if not thousands of lives and ease our brethren’s struggle with persecution. Let me stress that one hundred per cent of the donations received go to the families. Walid and I do not take one penny, nor do we have in administration costs other than the cost of send in the money to Pakistan which is about 1% of the money collected.

Please share our website and with as many people as you can and ask them to help in this endeavor.