It’s really hard NOT to call this guy a Doofus

Last month, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) stood by Michele Bachmann, et. al. at a town hall when he was asked to chime in about the Huma Abedin controversy. King responded by saying that Abedin – Hillary Clinton’s closest advisor – has distinct Muslim Brotherhood ties. Recently and to his credit, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who has some disturbing Islamic connections of his own, announced that he would travel to Iowa and campaign for King.

This has apparently roiled a doofus New Jersey state assemblyman named Patrick J. Diegnan, Jr., who also happens to be a Democrat (shocker).

Here is Diegnan’s statement, via New Jersey News:

I was actually saddened to read that Governor Christie intends to campaign for Congressman Steve King in Iowa next week. Congressman King recently joined Congresswoman Michele Bachmann in making an outrageous claim that Huma Abedin, an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

To their credit the allegations were rejected by Republican lawmakers, including U.S. Sen. John McCain who called Bachmann’s accusations “sinister” and without merit, and House Speaker John Boehner who said “accusations like this being thrown around are pretty dangerous.”

This is the United States of America after all. We must never ignore hate speech whether it be based on race, religion or ethnic background. Despite our political differences, I know that Governor Christie is a good man. I’m sure he recognizes that a true patriot stands up to demagogues even if they are members of his own political party.

First of all, Mr. Doofus Diegnan, to call Bachmann’s claims “outrageous” is outrageous. Once again, thanks to you, we have another in a long line of Huma Abedin defenders who refuse to respond to facts. Her affiliations with the Muslim Brotherhood are irrefutable. If she was being accused of a crime, those affiliations wouldn’t matter a lick but when it comes to granting her a security clearance, those affiliations matter a whole bunch.

Yet, it’s people like Doofus Diegnan who not only refuse to acknowledge those facts but actually decides to side with Huma Abedin at a time when we should be raising more questions about her allegiance. We are in the most tumultuous week of the ‘Arab Spring’, a week in which our ambassador was assassinated by forces sympathetic to the same Muslim Brotherhood to which Huma Abedin’s family has ties.

Doofus Diegnan wants to put on his blindfold and get in line with her supporters; he couldn’t have picked a worse time to do so.

He is a disgrace.

Ben Barrack is a talk show host and author of the book, Unsung Davids


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