The Left Will Be The Implementers Of Sharia

By Theodore Shoebat

It is not the Muslims in America who will bring the Sharia code of Islam into American courts, but the Left. They have more knowledge of the American system, more influence, and intellectual authority. They demand that criticizing Islam should be made punishable under the courts, and thus attack the First Amendment under the pretense of “hate speech.” The Egyptian government had released this statement, calling for the arrest of the film producers of the recent film The Innocence of Muslims:

“We ask the American government to take a firm position toward this film’s producers within the framework of international charters that criminalise acts that stir strife on the basis of race, colour or religion.”

Now, America would never take heed to such a statement, unless influential people within the U.S. actually wish to listen to them. This is where the Left in America plays a role. For example, one of the leading international law professors in the country, Peter Spiro, said

“The deplorable killing of Chris Stevens in Libya suggests a foreign relations law rationale for banning hate speech.”

He also believes in interpreting the First Amendment under a relativistic view:

And the First Amendment? Call me a relativist. We have some pretty good empirical data from the scores of other countries that ban hate speech (in part through signing on to article 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights) that a permissive approach to hate speech is not a prerequisite to functioning democracy. On the contrary, our European friends would argue that democracy is better served by banning such material. Either way, our exceptionalism on this score doesn’t serve us very well.

Another example is from Anthea Butler, an associate professor of religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania. She had tweeted for the arrest of the film-producer of The Innocence of Muslims, Sam Bacile:

“Good Morning. How soon is [producer] Sam Bacile going to be in jail folks? I need him to go now.When Americans die because you are stupid… And yes, I know we have First Amendment rights,but if you don’t understand the Religion you hate, STFU about it. . . . people do jail for speech. First Amendment doesn’t cover EVERYTHING a PERSON says.” …[T]he murder of the Ambassador and the employees is wrong, wrong. But Bacile will have to face his actions . . .”

Not only does she want Sam Bacile to be arrested, but anybody who the Muslims blame for their rioting, such as Pastor Terry Jones. Anthea Butler believes in putting aside the First Amendment to expense of appeasing the rage of Islamic mobs:

While the First Amendment right to free expression is important, it is also important to remember that other countries and cultures do not have to understand or respect our right.

But, must we respect their demands for arresting any who speak against Islam? What these leftists are in turn wishing is for the demands of Muslims to be satisfied, and that is the implementation of Sharia in America, in which anybody who mocks or criticizes Islam is punished. All what the Muslims have to do is riot, and they will have their wishes made, on account of leftists appeasing them.

Mike Barnicle of MSNBC has as well called for the violent demands of Muslims to be made, by requesting for an investigation of Terry Jones by the U.S. government:

“Given this supposed minister’s role in last year’s riots in Afghanistan, where people died, and given his apparent or his alleged role in this film, where, not yet nailed down, but at least one American, perhaps the American ambassador is dead, it might be time for the Department of Justice to start viewing his role as an accessory before or after the fact

In response, MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch said: “I was thinking the same thing, yeah.”

Dean Koh, one of the most influential and prestigious internationalist in the U.S., also believes in regulating our free speech in order to accommodate our national courts with an international court:

Admittedly, in a globalizing world, our exceptional free speech tradition can cause problems abroad, as, for example, may occur when hate speech is disseminated over the Internet. In my view, however, our Supreme Court can moderate these conflicts by applying more consistently the transnationalist approach to judicial interpretation

He also states that while “the U.S. First Amendment is far more protective than other countries’ laws of hate speech, libel, commercial speech, and publication of national security information”, he does not “find this distinctiveness too deeply unsettling to world order.”

All of these statements indicate a major danger, that if Sharia were to be imposed on the citizens of the U.S., it will be the Left, and not the Muslims, who will establish it. Regardless if they are aware of it or not, the Left, by calling for the punishment of the film producer, are complying with the wants of Muslims to establish Sharia in America.

Theodore Shoebat is the author of the book, For God or For Tyranny