Video: White House is telling us exactly why Muslim riots happening

Every once in a while, a paradox comes along that’s so blatant, it makes complete sense. For example, White House press secretary Jay Carney is adamant that the protests in the Middle East are in response to the anti-Muhammad video.

In reality, the protests are about getting people like Carney to blame it on the video so that actions will be taken which will prevent criticism of Muhammad / Islam in the future; that’s what the two men most likely at the center of the protests in Egypt have already told us.

When Barack Obama allegedly contacted Google to see if the Muhammad video ‘violates’ their terms of use, the same dynamic was at work.

Via the Daily Caller:

Tommy Vietor, a spokesman for the National Security Council, told the Washington Post midday that the White House has “reached out to YouTube to call the video to their attention and ask them to review whether it violates their terms of use.”

Youtube’s executives shut down videos that they deem “hate speech.” A YouTube spokesperson said Sept. 12 that the video “is clearly within our guidelines and so will stay on YouTube,” and repeated that message late Sept. 14, so rejecting Obama’s unprecedented request.

Obama’s request complied with the Sept. 13 demand and threat by the brotherhood, which now governs the Arab world’s largest country, Egypt.

“Hurting the feelings of one and a half billion Muslims cannot be tolerated, and… we demand that all those involved in such crimes be urgently brought to trial,” according to an English-language statement on the brotherhood’s website.

These things only help make our case more ironclad. Wisam Abdul Waris and Nader Mahmoud Abdulsalam Bakkar told us exactly what this was about. Here are the translated words Wisam, on September 9th:

We have moved to review… all the legal procedures today by which we created The Voice of Wisdom Coalition (I’itilaf Sawt al-Hekma); it will hold accountable everyone who insults Islam locally and internationally, in accordance with every country’s laws. We all know the problems Yasser Al-Habib had in London and after that in Berlin… in Germany, an extremist group was allowed to publicize cartoons that insult the prophet in front of the Salafist Mosque in Berlin, through a legal decision. So what we did was to ask Sharabi Mahmoud to reject this legal decision on behalf of the Egyptian people who are Muslim; for this reason, we created this coalition. We also made an official request from the Church in Egypt to issue a public announcement, to state it has nothing to do with this deed.

When Carney says the ‘disgusting’ video is the reason for the riots and when Barack Obama attempts to get the video pulled from YouTube, they’re reacting exactly how Wisam wants them to act. The video is a means, an excuse to further intimidate other countries into making it a crime to insult Islam and the reactions from the White House prove it.

Here are a couple of clips from Carney. Note in the second clip, via GWP, that he is dumbfounded when asked if he thinks the video was the cause of the riots in Benghazi.

Via MediaIte:


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