Do Syrian Rebels Deserve Our Help?

By Theodore Shoebat

Syria is only going into the hands of the Turks, and before that happens its only going to be transformed into another Afghanistan or another Mogadishu. If you remember, the Syrian Rebels shot down a helicopter recently:

What did they do to a pilot after they shot down the chopper? What any fundamentalist Muslim would do, behead him:

Unfortunately, the Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, says he would be willing to provide rebels weapons which can take down tanks and helicopters:

Lets pray that if he wins, he will not take this into action, but view the Syrian situation with more prudence.

Syria is the last stand in the Middle East, if it goes down, it will have a domino effect which will have an ideological whirlwind erupt in the Middle East. The Muslim Brotherhood will rule over the region, and ultimately Turkey will add Syria as part of it dominion, which would in turn permit Turkey to begin its aspiration to revive the Ottoman empire.

Theodore Shoebat is the author of the book, For God Or For Tyranny