Video: Local Denver television reporter does what Brian Williams does not; asks Obama tough questions

This interview between Kyle Clark, a reporter with Denver’s NBC affiliate channel 9, and Barack Obama is a must-see. Right out of the gate, Clark presses Obama on Benghazi and the president showed why he doesn’t like to talk about it; he’s stonewalling. For Obama to defer to a pending investigation over a matter that had only a handful of possible culprits who ordered military and intelligence personnel to stand down is beyond ridiculous. Besides, for two weeks, Obama was all too comfortable when it came to pointing to a video.

Now that the truth is far more obvious than any role the video ever had, he’s clamming up?! Clark exposed this reality by just doing what journalists are supposed to do – ask legitimate questions.

It didn’t end there. Right after Benghazi-gate, Clark moved on to Colorado’s version of Solyndra – Abound Solar. The reporter rightfully pointed out that Abound is out of business and connected to an Obama donor. Take note that as part of his defense, Obama says the decisions made about who to lend money to came out of the Department of Energy and had “nothing to do with politics”.

It’s obvious the president wasn’t expecting this. Perhaps the peacock logo that NBC 9 carries gave him a false sense of security.

Barack Obama was not the only one made to look bad by this interview. Brian Williams, by having a local reporter from his own network do a better job interviewing POTUS should cause Williams great shame.

Via 9NEWS (h/t Jake Tapper):

Compare Clark’s questions to Obama over Libya with those lobbed at him by Brian Williams, another NBC employee with far more power – and journalistic responsibility – than Clark.

Via NewsBusters:

Remember this from 2009?


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