Video: Israel takes out Hamas Military Commander in seconds

As Palestinian militants continue to launch rockets indiscriminately into civilian areas inside Israel, the response from the IDF is precision strikes, one of which killed Hamas Military commander Ahmed al-Jabari.

Nonetheless, the New York Times decided to call Israel’s attacks “ferocious” while referring to what prompted them as merely “persistent”:

Israel on Wednesday launched the most ferocious assault on Gaza in four years after persistent Palestinian rocket fire, hitting at least 20 targets in aerial attacks that killed the top military commander of Hamas, damaged Israel’s fragile relations with Egypt and escalated the risks of a new war in the Middle East.

The Israel Defense Forces coupled the intensity of the airstrikes with the threat of a ground invasion of Gaza, recalling its three-week operation in the winter of 2008-9, shifting infantry brigades and calling up some specialist reserves. The Israelis also warned all Hamas leaders in Gaza to stay out of sight or risk the same fate as the Hamas military commander, Ahmed al-Jabari, who was killed in a pinpoint airstrike as he was riding in a car down a Gaza street.

Anyway, when one contrasts how Hamas attacks Israel – by targeting innocent civilians – with how Israel attacks Hamas – by targeting those responsible, there really is nothing left to say except…

…watch this.


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