Time Magazine’s Joe Klein: Susan Rice’s talking points on Benghazi were ‘accurate’

With the onset of YouTube, we’ve become somewhat desensitized to what used to be considered incredible videos. The bar is raised on a near daily basis now. However, the level of absurdity displayed by Time Magazine’s Joe Klein in the clip below from his appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe hits the mark.

This excerpt from a panel discussion starts with Mike Barnicle wanting to know “who hung Susan Rice out to dry” relative to the demonstrably false talking points she gave to five separate Sunday talk shows on September 16th about the Benghazi attack being a “spontaneous reaction” to the anti-Muhammad video.

At that point, far left crank Joe Klein actually asserts that those talking points “were accurate”. He then says al-Qaeda wasn’t involved in the attack and that it was Salafists who perpetrated it as a result of the video. While he concedes that the Salafists sympathize with al-Qaeda, Klein insists that we must be careful in identifying who was actually responsible.

Perhaps someone should tell Klein that al-Qaeda’s membership does include more than just a few Salafists.

For those interested in facts, they are these…

Wahhabism is among the most fundamentalist strains of Islam; Salafism is very similar but does not shun the use of western culture / technology to further its goals; the primary difference between the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists is that the former believes in the use of Muruna (particularly necessary in western cultures) in furtherance of the Islamic agenda, even if it means committing blasphemous acts in order to do so (a Muslim marrying a powerful Jew to gain access to power, for example).

Al-Qaeda is primarily made up of wahhabists but does include some Salafists. The important thing to keep in mind here is that Wahhabists, Salafists, and the Muslim Brotherhood all aspire to the same ends; they just all believe in the use of different means. Quibbling over whether ansar al-Sharia or al-Qaeda was involved in the attack on Benghazi is, like Scarborough says in the clip below, like arguing over the meaning of the word “is”.

It’s all from the same head of the same beast that western civilization is fighting.

Klein’s attempt to defend Rice’s talking points as “accurate” is disgraceful.

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