Video: Ethnic Turk with Rap Sheet attempts to Assassinate Sunni Muslim politician in Bulgaria

The name of the politician who found himself at the wrong end of a gun is Ahmed Demir Dogan, a Turkish Sunni Muslim who founded the Movement for Rights and Freedoms Party (kinda like the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, perhaps?). Dogan was giving a speech when another Turk with a rap sheet – Oktai Enimehmedov – approached him and pointed a gun at Dogan’s head.

The would-be shooter apparently has a bit of a rap sheet.

Via RT:

25-year-old Enimehmedov, an ethnic Turk who has previous assault and drugs convictions, was also found to have been carrying a knife. What seemed to be his conference pass was actually obtained at a previous party event.

Some reports suggested that the gun jammed but it’s now being reported that the incident could have been a stunt or an attempt by the would-be shooter to demonstrate how easy it was to get as close as he did, according to the Guardian:

Enimehmedov, an ethnic Turk, reportedly left a note at his home addressed to his mother, saying he had no intention of killing the party leader but simply wanted to show him he was not “untouchable”.

How about the notion that there could have been a Pallywood angle?

Police said they thought Enimehmedov, an architecture student with a criminal record for drugs, theft and assault, had acted alone. But officials have been forced to address claims the party may have staged the “assassination attempt” itself in order to boost its image.

Would you be surprised if that were the case?

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In any case, here’s the video via the Telegraph:


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