Video: Hillary wants to negotiate with Racist group

Let’s agree on a few things, shall we?

  1. Anti-Semitism = Racism
  2. The Democratic Party is supposedly the Party that rejects Racism
  3. Hamas is a Racist group
  4. Hillary wants to negotiate with Hamas if they behave
  5. Hillary is willing to support a Racist group

To demonstrate how ludicrous this is, ask yourself if it would be ok for her to say the same thing about the KKK or the Nazis. Here is Hillary Clinton saying that all Hamas has to do to get a seat at the table is to denounce the reason for its very existence.

“Why do Islamic fundamentalists really want to kill us, what drives them and how to fight back. Click here for details”

At the Newseum on January 29th, Hillary said:

“If the Nazis, the KKK, Hamas renounces violence…if they accept the previous commitments by the PLO and the Palestinian Authority, there’s a place for them (Nazis, KKK, Hamas) at the table and it would be my great hope that they would do that.”

The Democrats are actually the Party of the KKK and Socialism (Nazi Party).

Here’s the video, via WZ:


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