Washington Post found to be complicit in another Pallywood incident

Pallywood is all about creating a theater of conflict in which Palestinians are portrayed as victims and Israelis as murderous oppressors. The goal of the Pallywood culture is to push a political agenda by either misrepresenting events or staging them altogether.

We now have confirmation that the death of the 11 month-old infant son of BBC Arabic journalist, Jihad al-Masharawi back in November, wasn’t the result of an Israeli airstrike. Breitbart reports that the Washington Post was one of the irresponsible parties who reported the falsehood at the time:

Neither the Washington Post nor the rest of the media bothered to check Palestinian claims or to report them with an appropriate degree of skepticism.

U.N. watchdog group Human Rights Watch, which attempted to keep a running tally of all the civilian deaths Israel and Hamas had caused during Pillar of Defense, reported that Israel had killed Mishrawi’s “11-month old” son the day after the infant died.

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BBC journalists used tweets to imply Israel’s guilt in the infant’s death the day the child was killed.

But now, the U.N. says the infant was killed by a rocket fired at Israelis “by Palestinians that missed its mark.” The infant boy and his mother were both killed by the Palestinians.

A very similar incident happened at around the same time when a four year-old Palestinian boy was reportedly killed by an Israeli airstrike. As was the case with the aforementioned infant, the body of the four year-old was held up for news cameras, which in itself is very disturbing.

However, in the case of the four year-old, news cameras were on-hand as Ismail Haniyeh and Egypt’s Prime Minister touched the boy. Haniyeh ironically stated that both he and the Egyptian PM had “blood on (their) hands”. The presence of the Egyptian PM is relevant for another reason; Israel had suspended all air strikes during his visit for political and diplomatic reasons. This left one possibility – the same one that caused the death of the infant.

Palestinians were responsible but got the media to blame the Israelis.

When it comes to the four year-old, CNN’s Sara Sidner filed the allegedly false news report but didn’t lose her job.

In 2000, a 12 year-old Palestinian boy named Muhammad al-Dura was allegedly shot by Israelis and a news report was filed by France 2’s Charles Enderlin. The portrayal of this false reality contributed to the second intifada. It was also identified by Khalid Sheikh Muhammad before the beading of Daniel Pearl; Osama bin Laden referenced it when talking about the reason for 9/11; and two Israeli soldiers were torn to pieces by Palestinians in Ramallah in the days after al-Dura’s alleged death, which was found to be staged.

The documentary that exposed Pallywood, by Richard Landes:


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