In Defense of Christian Supremacy

By Theodore Shoebat

All men truly want a crusade to be done for their beliefs so that it will be the most dominate creed. The victor of this cultural war which we are in, will be the ones who will bring about the strongest, most zealous, and effective crusade. Therefore, in order for Christianity to prevail, zealots must rise. It used to be that Christianity dominated the West; it was the driving force of its universities, its artists, its philosophers, its archeologists and its historians.

But now we hear constantly in today’s church that its “not about us versus them”, and what is the result of such a prevailing belief? The “them” has conquered us, and now heresy reigns supreme in the modern world, with Christianity being deemed only as a mere religious preference. Philip Yancey, a true modern deceiver in every sense of the word, once wrote that “Grace dies when it becomes us versus them.” (1)

Well, no, it is about us versus them, and the contrary is never found in Scripture. David killing Goliath was “us versus them”; Elijah slaying the priests of Baal was “us versus them”; Noah’s Flood was “us versus them”; Jehu shooting down Jehoram, having Jezabel thrown out of a window and Ahab’s sons executed, was “us versus them”; Moses putting to death the calf worshippers was “us versus them”; Christ crushing the head of the Serpent and casting out demons was “us versus them”; and the coming battle between Christ and His Saints and the Antichrist and his slaves will be “us versus them.”

No serious believer can ever deny that Christianity demands from us our complete willpower in fighting evil. No serious expositor on the Scripture could flee from the fact that the Scripture has more condemnations against wicked religions and practices than it does guidelines on things such as marriage and finances–two subjects that today’s church never stops talking about. Tolerance toward false religions is no where found in the Scripture, and yet today’s church is filled with it. Turning away from attacking evil ideologies is never found in the Bible, but yet much of the church encourages this.

It is told to us over and over again, “Do not impose your religion on me!” But everywhere we look and turn we are being called to the altar of conformity, and urged to never speak of Christianity. How did this happen? It was not Leftism, nor was it even socialism. These are simply symptoms to the actual problem. The root cause is a weak church.

A popular jargon today is that Islam was hijacked by “extremists”, but the truth is that Christianity has been hijacked by moderates. Modernistic heretics who esteem themselves as “grace filled” believers who cry out against legalism, have succeeded in portraying the Bible as a self-help book. The reality is that the Bible is not about boosting self-esteem, or making money, it is a manual on fighting evil. It is filled with examples of how God and saintly men and women have defied tyranny: God repulsing the builders of the Tower of Babel, Moses confronting the Pharaoh, Joshua vanquishing the savage Canaanites, Othniel revolting against the despotic government of king Cushan-Rishathaim, Deborah rallying her people to overthrow the oppressor Rabin, Christ stubbornly opposing the Sanhedrin and then dying for the sins of mankind–all are actions done by zealots.

They would have never made these accomplishments if they had not a burning spirit of zealotry lodged within their hearts. Americans and Europeans are plagued with socialism, and this will only be fixed by zealots who contradict them. (2) Yet, thanks to the vague viewpoints of modernly minded Christians, zealotry has been deemed as an evil by many within the present-day church.

For example, John Bevere has described “meanspirited and legalistic pastors” as “zealots” who “have reduced holiness to a backward lifestyle and taken the joy out of living.” (3)

We have forgotten the fact that Christianity is supreme over all other creeds, thus we have chosen to neglect Christian supremacy (not that a Christian is superior to all other peoples, but that Christianity is superior over all other religions). We see it as bigoted or xenophobic; but here is the truth, and there is no running away from it: every nation on earth is under an ideological supremacy. We have no other choice but to esteem an idea as supreme; if we don’t, someone else will, and it may not be one of liberty, but utter tyranny.

In Somalia it is Islamic supremacy, in India Hindu supremacy, in Bhutan Buddhist supremacy, and in South Sudan it is Christian supremacy. As we laude ourselves in America as not being supremacist Christians, we still wonder as to why so many “believers” runaway from controversy, trivialize the most important priorities and prioritize the most trivial issues.

As homosexuality becomes more acceptable, and the story of Sodom is seen with indifference as just a fairy tale, pastor Louie Giglio says that homosexuality “has not been in the range of my priorities in the past 15 years” (4) Tim Tebow, who became the idol for the modern Christians for some time, chose to runaway from the spiritual fray as soon as controversy arrived when he was about to speak at a church known to be against homosexuality, Islam and Mormonism.

Today’s Christian asks, “Why is there so much fear?”, but the zealot already knows the answer: Christian supremacy has been dismantled, zealotry trampled, and the soft despotism of secular and tolerance supremacy has been put on the altar and praised as the nation’s new god. Many current Christians ask why God demands His people to be so aggressive toward heathenism in the Old Testament, and the answer to their question is right in front of us.

The entire deconstruction of the Church in America is all due to our dislike of rocking the boat and the “us versus you” mindset. We have done away with our “us versus you” mentality, but the wicked have not. They have reduced the Church from a place of great influence and erudition to a clubhouse, all because we have allowed them to. This has not only empowered the enemies of the Church in the West, but abroad: the worshippers of Allah.

The rise of Islam is determined by the conviction of the Church. If the Church is weak, Islam is strong, and if the Church is supreme, Islam goes dormant and Muslims care no more on the teachings of Muhammad. When Christ is exalted then Allah is disdained; and when God is elevated above all things, that is when the Cross shall overpower the Crescent, and the wicked prevented from ever establishing tyranny.

Theodore Shoebat is the author of the book, For God or For Tyranny

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