Video: Full Pallywood lesson in under 60 Seconds

If you want a lesson on how Pallywood works – from start to finish – in less time than it takes to watch a :60 commercial, be sure to view the video below.

Step 1: Palestinians gather together and individually attempt to provoke Israelis. In this case, a Palestinian is hurling rocks at those he’s been bred to hate (Israelis).

Step 2: Israel responds by hitting back at a Palestinian(s) who attacks them. In this case, Israel fires a tear gas canister at the Palestinian who hurled the rock.

Step 3: When Palestinian is directly hit or can somehow pull off the illusion of being hit, he goes down. In this case, the tear gas canister hits him in the face (he goes down for real).

Step 4: Other Palestinians collectively descend on the wounded / pseudo-wounded man to create the perception that Israel is being oppressive bullies. In this case, the man who received the tear gas canister to the face is helped by other “heroic” Palestinians.

Step 5: When ambulance drivers see a group of Palestinians flock to one Palestinian, they know it’s time to start their engines and head that way. In this case, the injured Palestinian can choose from multiple ambulances… all within seconds.

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Welcome to Pallywood (h/t WZ):


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