Paging CAIR… Hamas dragging people off streets, forcibly shaving their heads

Hamas (Muslim Brotherhood) in Gaza is now pulling people off the streets to have their heads forcibly shaved if the hair style does not meet Hamas standards. We are still awaiting condemnation from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Via The Blaze:

Palestinians in Gaza are reporting that over the past few days, young men sporting long or spiky-styled hair have been pulled off the street by police who then forcibly shave their heads. Hamas authorities are also targeting men wearing low-waist pants, accusing them of wearing “indecent” attire and in some cases beating them.

The Associated Press characterizes the religious crackdown as “one of the most aggressive phases of the campaign so far,” that is, the campaign to impose a strict Islamic lifestyle on all of Gaza’s population which began in 2007 when Hamas seized control of the Strip.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) reports that since Thursday, Palestinian police have apprehended young men from various parts of Gaza, taking them into custody, then cutting their hair while in detention. Some were mocked and beaten.

“The detainees were forced to sign a statement declaring they would not grow long hair or have a strange hairstyle, or wear ‘low-waisted trousers’ again,” PCHR says.

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While the left in America is busy accusing the right of being racist, sexist, and discriminatory, it’s virtually silent in the face of human rights abuses.

Paging CAIR…


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