A story of mass conversion to Christianity in an African city

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The post below comes to us from Wesley Smith, someone we know well and who has invited Walid to speak in the past. Out of concern for the safety of Christians, we have been asked not to reveal the name of the city about which Wesley speaks of below.

Three years ago, this city was 90% Muslim; today it is 90% Christian.

How did this happen?

Of course, it was God’s power and presence… but here are the details:

The Muslims had two wells and water is at a premium there, so the Muslims sold the water by the bucket to those in need of it. Conversely, the Christians drilled a well on their property and gave the water away to their neighbors.

Some of the folks were so thankful for the free water that they began attending the Christian church and… of course, they ended up getting saved.

Then the Muslims got mad at the Christians and started doing bad things to them… really bad things.

Pretty soon, one of the Muslims’ wells dried up. Now, they were only making half as much money by selling their water.

Nonetheless, they continued doing bad things to the Christians.

Well, pretty soon the second Muslim well dried up and the Muslims were making zero dollars selling water because they had no water to sell.

The Muslims still needed water so they started going to the only well in the city… The Christian well. Even though they had done bad things to the Christians, the Christians gave the Msulims free water.

This had a huge impact on the Muslim people.

Well, pretty soon, the Christian church had so many people that they needed more land so they could expand.

Pretty soon, the Christian church had so many people that they needed more land so they could expand.

Because the Christians showed so much love to the Muslims (instead of Hatred) that the Muslims ended up giving four acres of land to the Christians so they could build a bigger church building… right next to the Mosque!

The Imam in the Mosque actually got saved! He now teaches in the Mosque on Friday… and then teaches in the Christian church on Saturday and Sunday.

Thousands of people are listening to our audio Bibles and just today, they asked me for more!

Mungu Akumbariki (God Bless You)

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