Name of ‘Person of Interest’ reported by My Fox Boston

One would think that the name of the alleged Saudi suspect in the Boston marathon bombings would be revealed at the beginning of a news report. In this case, the name of the alleged ‘person of interest’ isn’t revealed until the 7th paragraph but at least it’s revealed.

Via My Fox Boston:

A source close to the investigation confirms to the man whose apartment was searched is considered a person of interest in the case, and is the same person of interest Fox News confirmed earlier authorities are guarding at a local hospital.

The source confirmed to that the person of interest is Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, a 20-year-old Saudi. His Facebook page identifies him as a current or former student at the New England School of English. He is believed to have entered the country on a student visa.

The source stressed that Alharbi is a person of interest, not a suspect, and said he suffered serious injuries in the explosion.

Investigators were seen leaving the Revere house early Tuesday carrying brown paper bags, plastic trash bags and a duffel bag, according to the Associated Press.

Is it a good thing to be afflicted with Islamophobia? Get the new book from Walid Shoebat, The Case FOR ISLAMOPHOBIA: Jihad by the Word; America’s Final Warning.

Ironic, isn’t it. Paul Revere warned that the British were coming. Nearly 240 years later, a Saudi person of interest from Revere is detained after the bombing of innocent civilians and, to this point, Americans are still sleeping.

“The (fill in the blank) are coming!”

“The (fill in the blank) are coming!”


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