Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood official: Boston Bombings the result of U.S. backed French fighting with Al-Qaeda in Mali

According to the New York Post, authorities are now looking for a ‘white male’ in connection with the Boston marathon bombings. However, a Muslim Brotherhood official seems to think it’s a response to U.S.-backed fighting against al-Qaeda.

Via Al Arabiya (h/t Jihad Watch):

A high-ranking Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood official has linked the deadly Boston attacks to the U.S.-backed French war in Mali.

Essam Elerian, vice chairman of the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), wrote in a statement posted in Arabic on his Facebook account that the “events began with the sending of French battalions to Mali in a war against organizations that are said to be part of al Qaeda.”

Elerian expressed sympathy with the families of the victims, but said the attacks “do not stop us from reading into the grave incident.”

“Who interfered in democratic transformations, despite the difficult transition from despotism, corruption, poverty, hatred and intolerance to freedom, justice, tolerance, development, human dignity and social justice?” he asked. “Who created Islamophobia through research and media? Who funded this violence?”

In defense of Elerian’s argument, Al-Qaeda’s magazine instructed readers on how to make bombs similar to what was used in Boston.

Moreover, the line of thinking used by Elerian was also espoused by Feisal Abdul Rauf, who expressed concerns in 2010 about Middle Eastern ‘radicals’ if the Ground Zero mosque wasn’t permitted to be built.

From 2010…


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