‘Devout’ and ‘Committed’ ‘Christian’ Martin Bashir runs interference for Islam in wake of Boston bombings

Aside from CurrentTV Al Jazeera Muslim Brotherhood television, perhaps there is no cable television news network that injects as many lies into its broadcasts as does MSNBC. Perhaps no better example can be found in its handling of the Trayvon Martin case.

One of the hosts on this network – Martin Bashir – is a Brit whose parents were born in Pakistan.

According to a 2003 article in the U.K. Guardian, Bashir is also a ‘devout’ and ‘committed’ Christian.

The intro of the article assumptively asks:

So what is it about this devoutly Christian introvert that makes people want to open up to him?

A little later in the article, you’ll find the following:

He (Bashir) is a committed Christian, and has three children. “He uses all that experience in quite a positive way,” says one friend.

The most devout and committed Christians we know have enough of an understanding about Islam not to be apologists for it. For example, devout and committed Christians reject Chrislam and see it for what it is. That leads to this excerpt from Bashir, who actually alleges that the Boston marathon bombers – the Tsarnaev brothers – simply used terror in the name of Islam.

Lost on Bashir (whether intentionally or unintentionally) is that the elder Tsarnaev was a devout Muslim.

It would seem that Bashir is either bearing false witness while being a Christian or he is bearing false witness about being one. Either way, he’s violating one of those Judeo-Christian commandments. If he’s a ‘devout’ and ‘committed’ Christian, he should understand that, especially since he’s supposedly in the news business and is intentionally leading people astray.

Either Bashir needs an intervention or he needs to come clean.

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