Video: Janet Napolitano says Alharbi (Saudi National) was ‘put on a watchlist’

This is really quite an admission. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, while testifying in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee today, actually conceded that Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi, the Saudi national who moved from ‘suspect’ to ‘person of interest’ to ‘witness’ to ‘victim’ all in less than 24 hours after the Boston bombings, was indeed placed on a terrorist watchlist. This is in stark contrast to what she told the Rep. Jeff Duncan at a House Homeland Security Committee hearing last week.

Providing further intrigue is that one day before Napolitano conceded Al-Harbi’s watchlist status, talk show host Glenn Beck explained how difficult it was for someone to both get a 212 3B designation – allegedly what Al-Harbi had received – and to have it removed; it would an extremely long time for all of that to happen, much longer than 24 hours.

Napolitano seems to either flatly contradict herself or openly admit that it is easy for someone to be put on a terrorist watchlist even though they don’t reach ‘person of interest’ status. That’s either a lie or a chilling statement of what this government is doing.

Also, take note of what Napolitano says about Al-Harbi never being a suspect. Does that not belie authorities searching his apartment for hours and hauling out bags of evidence?

Via The Blaze:

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Here is Napolitano’s exchange with Rep. Duncan on April 18th:


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