Photo of Michelle Obama visiting Al-Harbi (Saudi National) in Hospital?

Last week, we wrote of reports that first lady Michelle Obama visited Saudi national (formerly ‘suspect’ and ‘person of interest’) in the hospital. To this point, we had a photo of her in the hospital that Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi was reportedly recuperating in and independent reports that she visited him but no photographic evidence she paid a visit to his room.

Until we spotted these photos (h/t Free Republic commenter)

One photo in this montage appears to show Michelle standing right next to Al-Harbi. The other (bottom right) looks like her in the Al-Harbi’s room.

The first lady allegedly visited this hospital on April 18th, just two days after he had been placed on a watchlist (according to DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano):


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If Al-Harbi’s background is indeed suspect, it would seem the Obamas may have a big problem on their hands.


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