Video: O’Reilly gives Beck opportunity to make the case against Al-Harbi (Saudi national)

Earlier this week, Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly challenged CAIR’s Nihad Awad to the point of getting the CAIR leader to show a few of his true colors – and we lauded O’Reilly for it. The next step O’Reilly needs to take is exploring the connection between Islamic terrorists in the U.S. and Saudi Arabia’s involvement.

(While he’s at it, O’Reilly should explore the connection between CAIR and Saudi Arabia)

Last night, Glenn Beck attempted to help O’Reilly – perhaps more so than the audience – make that connection. It was very interesting to watch because what Beck was saying was incredibly powerful. However, O’Reilly’s reaction was one of almost detachment. Either it wasn’t sinking in or O’Reilly wasn’t buying it.

The problem is that the evidence is so strong that O’Reilly’s reaction was more akin to someone ignoring shouts from a fireman to get out of a burning building.

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Giving O’Reilly the benefit of the doubt would require assuming that he understands everything Beck was telling him but doesn’t want to cause alarm or step too far out on a limb. There may be some truth to that but the other possibility is that the gravity of the situation hasn’t penetrated O’Reilly’s mind (his reaction to Beck’s information seems to support the latter).

To O’Reilly’s credit, however, he did let Beck make the case (h/t The Blaze):


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