CAIR-Friendly U.S. Senator speaks to open Communists then laughs off suggestion he did so

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) spoke at a May Day rally in Chicago on May 1st during which the crowd was full of open Communists. After the speech, he was asked about his decision to do so by a Breitbart reporter. At first, Durbin attempted to mock the idea there were any Communists at the rally but then seemed to realize that it was something he couldn’t deny because it was a self-evident truth.

His defense at that point suddenly became his Constitutional right to do so. While Durbin may technically be correct about having the right to speak to Communists, there’s a reason he tried to laugh it off.

The first half of this clip – when the reporter challenges Durbin – appears to have taken place after Durbin spoke, a portion of which can be seen in the second half of the video.

When told by the reporter that there were communists all over the rally, Durbin responded, “How do you know that?”

Gee, Dick. Perhaps it was that huge Che Guevara flag being flown by someone about 10 rows away from the podium Durbin was standing behind. Of course, Guevara was a Marxist and a racist who enjoyed murdering innocent people in cold blood.

Via Breitbart:

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As if you needed more evidence that the left and Islam make natural bedfellows, how about a little more? Durbin has also embraced CAIR and visited the mosque whose leaders have deep Hamas connections, to include Imam Jamal Said.

As for Durbin’s attempt to deny the obvious, it was a bit reminiscent of Nathan Thurm:


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