Dear Sheikh, You Stink

Below is an Open letter from Walid Shoebat to a Sheikh who wrote to express his disapproval of Walid’s analysis of Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi, the Saudi national who was briefly identified as a suspect in the Boston marathon bombings.

Dear Sheikh AL-Faisal Saleh AL-Harbi,

You objected to my analysis of the Saudi national who was briefly a suspect in the Boston marathon bombings, stating that:

“I just want to make it clear to you that our clan [Al-Harbi] is one of the largest Arabic clans maybe the biggest with over 7 million Harbi’s in Saudi Arabia only. Accusing the whole clan for covering every Harbi in terrorist attacks is racist…So what if there are 85 terrorists that are Harbis! That is just 0.0012% of them, they don’t even make up 1% percent of the tribe.”

My dear Sheikh, you deceive by making the claim that terrorism is simply an explosive act against civilians. Let’s take a look at your official Al-Harbi clan website which explains your clan’s official position on terrorism and while your clan condemns terrorism, it promotes and defines proper Jihad as:

“First: Jihad for the sake of Allah is to go to war with the infidels and the polytheists to remove these and enforce Unitarianism. That is after inviting them to Islam and they reject the invitation (Da’wa). This Jihad is then organized and supervised by the Imam.”

Therefore, according to your clan’s official website, the Tsarnaevs are only condemned because they acted independently and without the permission of the Imam, since only an Islamic authority can declare Jihad.

This is an incredibly large fly in your ointment? While .0012% might condemn the Boston bombing (which I doubt), 99% must await an edict from the stinking Imam to kill non-Muslims.

It is this major issue that Americans do not fully understand when Muslims like yourself say that you condemn terrorism while playing this simplistic numbers game.

Are you really interested in combating terrorism or simply combating me? If you are truly interested in fighting terrorism, what have you done when support for terrorism is expressed in the open, at your national Al-Watan TV in Kuwait. Perhaps a clip might help remind you:

In the clip, Nabil Al-Awadi gets a call from a girl weeping and begging to fight in Jihad warfare. He then tells her, “I will show you later how to do Jihad” and then continues to promote bombing and killing in the open with full permission of your stinking Kuwaiti government declaring the same things Usama Bin Laden said before we shot his stinking hide.

Now as to your accusation of racism… Why do you give yourself the title “Sheikh”, a title only applied to Arab superiority and one with a top pure Arab pedigree, and then dare accuse me of racism? Should we discuss the countless stories about how Sheikhs view themselves over others who do not have pure Arab stock?

Here, let me help you discover the meaning of racism by perhaps asking two simple questions:

1—While Muslim men can marry non-Muslim women, will you permit your sister to marry a non-Muslim man? If not, would you consider this double standard ‘racist’?

2—Will you condemn Sharia in which it states that a woman’s testimony is worth half the testimony of a man?

You and all your stinking Arab clans are racists and support Jihad terrorism – every single one of them. Just name the clan and within seconds I can expose them. A case in point is clan Ghamdi/Al-Ghamidi which is perhaps as prominent and prolific members as your stinking Al-Harbi clan. Let’s see what they write on their clan website, which proudly displays a lengthy martyrs list who killed 3000 Americans on 9/11 entitled, “Ghamdis the Mujahideen”, “definitely, sons to be proud of”.

This is right on their official website (see #3 Ahmed al Ghamdi and #4 Hamza Saleh al Ghamdi). This does not even include Saeed al Ghamdi, who was one of the terrorist hijackers on United Airlines Flight 93 that crashed in a Pennsylvania field. His Last Will aired on Al Jazeera:

So we then can include the stinking Al Jazeera in the same stinking lot.

Here are the most popular Al-Ghamidis from Wikipedia:

Abdul Rahman Al-Ghamdi (born 1974), Saudi terror suspect
Ahmed al-Ghamdi (1979–2001), Saudi hijacker of United Airlines Flight 175
Hamza al-Ghamdi (1980–2001), Saudi hijacker of United Airlines Flight 175
Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, Pakistani Islamic scholar
Khalil Al Ghamdi (born 1970), Saudi football referee
Omar Al-Ghamdi (born 1979), Saudi footballer
Othman Ahmad Othman al-Ghamdi, Kandahar detention facility detainee
Saeed al-Ghamdi (1979–2001), Saudi hijacker of United Airlines Flight 93

So 5 out of 8 (62%) of the most famous persons from Al-Ghamidi are terrorists, that is if we drop Javed Ghamidi, the Muslim scholar.

But wait a minute, Javed Al-Ghamidi believes that waging war against polytheists and the Israelites and Nazarites (Christians) of Arabia and some other Jews is sanctioned in Islam. This changes the figures to 6 of 8 (75%) of the most notable Ghamidis supporting Jihad and terrorism. Should I research the football referee and football player? I can bet you that I will find some interesting things.

Your attempt to compare Arab clans using western analogies is rather witty and works only on naïve Americans who always like to compare apples with apples. What they need to understand when it comes to the Middle East is the difference between apple pies and Hummus. Please remember, I was Hummus just like you and I am not easily fooled. While I still love Hummus, next time you prepare it, please cut down on the stinking garlic.

Walid Shoebat
The Case FOR Islamophobia

Note: Here is the original email sent by the Sheikh:

Dear Mr Walid:

I am Sheikh/AL-Faisal Saleh Hadi Mohammed AL-Duhaimi AL-Olwi AL-Harbi form Kuwait, and I am currently studying merchant navy at the Blackpool and Fylde College, Nautical Campus in Fleetwood. I have listened to your interview at The Jesse Lee Peterson Radio show today, and I heard you talking about Abdulrahman AL-Harbi, and the Harbi Clan, and the terrorists from the Harbi Clan. I just want to make it clear to you that our clan is one of the biggest arab clans maybe the biggest with over 7 million Harbi’s in Saudi Arabia only. Accusing the whole clan for covering every Harbi in terrorist attacks is racist. Do you know for a fact that not every Harbi are releated to each other ? We might have the same clan name but we don’t share the same grandfather or great grandfather, you have my full name written down, compare it with Abdulrahman, and you will see that we don’t have the same family name! My family name is AL-Duhaimi and his family name is AL-Sulaimi. maybe we were related to each other if we go 1000 years ago when my grandfather at that time might of been his grandfather’s first cousin. You say that he has a blood flow in the terrorism business because he is a Harbi and there are 85 terrorists that are Harbis? How do you know for a fact that they are all related to each other? Maybe a couple do but not all of them. There is a terrorist named Mohammed Abdullah Saqr AL-Alawi AL-Harbi, I have AL-Alawi in my last name, but does that makes me related to him? Do you know how many families come under AL-Alawi? Over 300 families are under that name, and each single family have hundreds maybe thousands of generations, and they have a population of 3-5 million in just Saudi Arabia, and do you think that all of them are related to each other? So is each Harbi Considered a terrorist? Let’s that they do, so that means that you have 7 million terrorists of Harbi’s only in Saudi Arabia. so they are a big threat not just the USA, but to the whole world! If they would want to be all terrorists they would of took control of the whole Arab Peninsula if they wanted, and every Arab that know’s the history of this clan can do a lot. But right now this is 2013, everyone has an education everyone is looking for the best of himself. Out of the 7 million there are the good people and there are the bad people, like for example the United States of America has a population of 311,591,917, don’t tell me that they are all angels. There are the good and bad! My father Sheikh/ Saleh Hadi Mohammed AL-Harbi, a known business man, journalist, pioneer of the media and journalism of the Arab World, policeman, consular, politician, and son of the most bravest man of Al-Bin-Ali from the Harbi Clan. He introduced the very first Directory in the early seventies in the Middle East, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and many Arab countries. He was one of the politicians that supported democracy when it was first introduced in Kuwait in the sixties, and has a big hand with the politicians that are getting arrested in Kuwait, He did the very first shopping festival in Kuwait in 1996, which the government stole the idea and changed the name of it to claim it’s right and the got spread out in the Middle East, he supported the US Army, and many other armies in the First Gulf War and afterwards till Sadam got found with the shelter, food, and many other stuff, and got awarded by the US Army and the UN as having a major helpful role in the war. He is a well respected man at the Middle East, and has very good relationships with diplomats right around the world. I also have a Saudi relative that is a brain surgeon, do you know that he is one of the best surgeons in the whole wide world? And there so many more Harbi’s and other clans that have people that are that good. Since you have sources research my father and you will know about him, and if you want more info, just tell me. So what if there are 85 terrorists that are Harbi’s! That is just 0.0012% of them, they don’t even make up 1% percent of the tribe.
The next point is that Saudi get special treatment because of the oil. Let us pretend that they do get it, do you know what treatment do Americans get in the WHOLE Middle East? EXTRA SPECIAL TREATMENT! They can do what ever they want just like being home. No one can touch them, talk to them, put them in jail, or even investigate with them, even though if they are part of a crime. So Please Mr Walid you should at least make an apology to the Arab World since you have been so racist about them and especially to my clan!


P.S: and there is a more detailed page in arabic if you read arabic, and this is about my great grandfathers


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