Andrew McCarthy picks up on New York Times article on Huma Abedin

Andrew McCarthy has an interesting take on the New York Times article that headlines former Deputy Chief of Staff for Hillary Clinton – Huma Abedin. The Times piece headlines Abedin’s moonlighting as a consultant while still at the State Department.

As McCarthy points out, the Times has no interest in Abedin’s work with the IMMA while also an aid to Hillary for years prior to Clinton becoming Secretary of State.

Huma’s Moonlighting? No Problem… Just Don’t Mention Her Crescent Lighting

These revelations about Abedin’s work with a consulting company have come to light as a result of her husband’s decision to run for Mayor of New York City.

IF Abedin isn’t just tied to the Brotherhood but also working as some sort of an operative, her marriage to Anthony Weiner seems to be a bit counter-productive in several areas.

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