Rescuing Christians in Guinea

Breaking News: Rescue Christians launches Initiative to provide Aid and Protection to the Christians Africa

Today, Rescue Christians provided significant aid to the Christians of Guinea near Conakry the capitol in Western Africa. About 8 weeks ago in a vicious attack by Muslim mobs, 95 Christians were murdered with 130 injured, as well as the burning of many churches and the destruction of dozens of homes. The population is struggling to recover.

Burned Church in Guinea

Burned Church in Guinea

We are now working with the Christian community leaders and we will be providing emergency supplies of food, clothing, and cooking utensils. Initially, aid will be provided to 27 families (216 people) but we expect the need will be greater. The initial aid package will be about $20,000 which is less than a $100 per person. We need your help to meet this need. Click here to DONATE.

We are also looking to model this effort on future initiatives in other African countries with the additional support; training the Christian men between ages of twenty and fifty to defend their communities. We hope to employ former military personal to train the Christian leaders to provide security and self-defense to the various Christian communities threatened by the Islamic mobs. We also believe that by training the communities – especially if the can be armed – will provide a significant deterrent for future attacks. We will be stressing training for self-defense only.

Guinea is about 85% percent Muslim so the Christian population (about 8%) is in grave danger in this country (as they are in many other African countries). The threat is of a different nature than Pakistan and requires different strategies of aid, which we are evaluating now; we need to provide for the persecuted peoples exact needs and not what might make us feel good in the USA (a real problem we have found in other Christian aid agencies).

Guinea is located in Northwest Africa

Guinea is located in Northwest Africa

As we grow in our efforts to help our brethren, our need for resources grows too. This holy work is commanded by G-d. The Bible does not say we need to provide Bibles and gospel tracts to the believers who are persecuted but it does say to feed, clothe and visit the persecuted and that G-d will judge us based solely on this in the final days. Most of us believe we are in these final days. Please refer to Matthew 25:31-46.

In the next week, we will be filing a report on some of the work we have been doing in Pakistan, which has been significant over the last few months. Many new cases have been brought to our attention and we are saving people each and every day. None of this is possible without the grateful support we have received from hundreds of people in the USA and other parts of the Western world, many of whom we know struggle themselves each day with their own financial issues. Many give us $10 or $20 a month yet they themselves have no job or live on a very tight, fixed income.

In order for us to help to the degree of saving thousands from persecution, we also need thousands of people to participate at any level they can afford. G-d will bless you for your generosity in not turning your back on your brethren. If you can help, great. If you can spread the word of our work by word of mouth and get others to know what we are trying to do, then you will also be doing wonders for G-d’s people.


Thank you and G-d Bless.

Walid Shoebat
President of Rescue Christians


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