Obama: Affirmative Inaction

By Keith Davies

Barack H Obama was elected president based on a high degree of guilt from white Americans who were embarrassed by our history. Ironically, a black president should have been first elected as a Republican if one is truly feeling guilt as it was “radical Republicans” prior to the Civil War who advocated for the emancipation of the slaves and it was the Republicans who did the most to effectuate liberty and destroy segregation in the 1960s. The Democrat party has hijacked history and purchased the votes of the vast majority of black people with freebies and government dependence, which in effect has renewed the serfdom and slavery of the past as millions of black families have become wards of the Government at an average of $35,000 per welfare recipient family, courtesy of we the US taxpayer. Democrats continually demagogue Republicans for the very things they are guilty of. The liberal media plays along nicely to propagandize the low information voters.

Republicans suffer from a lack of courage (of their convictions) but that is another story.

The black race-baiters that include the President of the United States used the tragic death of Trayvon Martin to play on racist divisions of the past and to use this case to prosecute an innocent man with not a shred of evidence to even show probable cause. All this was done in order to promote the fantasy of racism that only exists in the minds of race-baiters. The left in this country has deliberately used the issue of race to divide the American people, in stark contrast to the lies Obama espoused in his 2004 speech at the Democratic National convention, where we heard the words “we don’t live in a red state or a blue state but the United States.” After nearly five years of Obama, any fool with a half a brain knows this is a crock.

White guilt and black racism against white folk have brought us to disaster and we have given presidential power to a feckless, weak and pathetic weasel that lies every time he opens his mouth. I believe Obama is deliberately weakening our country to aid both his far left allies and his Muslim brothers. He is not worthy of respect and has brought shame to this great country. The left are beside themselves with anger about the policy on Syria, but they will not criticize the President because they are afraid to be called “Racist”. Just like the Palestinians they believe their own propaganda.

Not liking Obama is Racist.

Not liking Obama is Racist.

The Republicans for five years have suffered from the same disease and all but a few are unwilling to provide loyal opposition, as is the order of any strong representative republic. Those that do provide strong opposition on the Republican side are isolated, not by Democrats but by members of their own party. Our nation is awash in weakness, corruption and just plain stupidity. Does this also mean that if Hillary Clinton becomes President we will not criticize her because she is a woman?

People on the right, center and now the left (if they are honest) are very frustrated with leadership or lack of leadership, which applies to both parties. We are living in an era where evil and corruption prevails over good and I am sad to say that our so-called leader, the President of this country is at best an ineffective leader and at worst is a criminal, liar and traitor. His words may sound good but his actions (and inaction) speak louder than anything he may say.

What makes things worse is that race-baiters and the fear of being called a racist has paralyzed us.


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