Muslims Disembowel Young Christian Boy

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslim men, who are members of Boko Haram, have murdered countless Christians, and have recently gone so far as to disembowel a two year old boy named Miracle.

The heretics broke into a Christian home and made a great slaughter. The father of the boy had this to say:

I found out that Miracle Ishaya [2 years old, killed in the attack] had his intestines spilled on his bed as he was shot in his stomach … I was also told by relatives that the Muslim gunmen who attacked our home were eight, and that they wore military camouflage and bullet- proof vests.

Also killed were Bidami Ishaya, 10; Jerry Dalyop, 8; Izine Emeka, 6; and John David, 30.

This is horrendous, and the only ones who are capable of truly making a difference is you, the reader. So please make a donation, AND SAVE CHRISTIAN LIVES NOW.


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