Rupert Murdoch: “Christians should pray for millions of fellow believers being persecuted”

By Theodore Shoebat

Rupert Murdoch left an important message to Christians on his Twitter account:

Christians should pray for millions of fellow believers being persecuted in the Middle East

The reason why the message is important, is because, on account of its wide coverage, it will remind countless Christians to remember their fellow persecuted brethren.

With this in our reminds, we must also know that there is more we can do for them than just pray. Here is a perfect opportunity for you to give what you can with the concrete knowledge that you are actually saving a life.

Donate now and save Christian lives.

But Murdoch’s message is not without the indifferent and callous. Here is one reply to Murdoch’s tweet:

Don’t be as these cold and heartless people, DONATE NOW AND SAVE CHRISTIAN LIVES



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